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While I was travelling around Seoul last year, I stopped by an awesome garage-turned-coffee lab in Samcheongdong called “hombre terco”run by the very friendly Mr Park, who introduced me to his creation, Apple Ice Coffee. Designed so even coffee haters can enjoy the taste without the harsh bitterness, the unique flavoured coffee drink was refreshing and tasted like the sweetness of lemonade mixed with the kick of caffeine.

I wanted to try my hand at coffee brewing and bought myself a Chemex Coffeemaker to test out thinking it would be a simple process like French Press. But the first batch was a complete disaster! Too much water and not enough coffee ended up tasting like murky mud water. But after a few more goes, I slowly got the hang of measuring and pouring resulting in a rich tasting coffee brew to be proud of. It does require some patience and time but it’s fun to practice if you have some time to spare in the morning or level-up your weekend breakfast.

What you’ll need:


Brewing the Coffee (120ml)

  • Grind 12g of coffee beans in a coffee grinder to a medium course grain (like sea salt).
  • Using a kettle with a spout, heat water until it boils. Let it rest for a minute (optimal temperature would be around 90-96 degrees) and place your filter in the Chemex. Wash your filter with hot water. Discard the collected water and put back the filter in the Chemex again.
  • Pour the grounded coffee into the filter and make sure it is levelled.
  • Pouring from the centre, pour in a small circular motion until all the coffee is saturated and you will start to see the coffee expand (bloom). Stop and wait for 45 seconds.
  • Once 45 seconds has past, continue pouring the hot water in slow circular motions (not touching the sides of the filter) until finished. Take your time because you don’t want a coffee bath here! You want to make sure the coffee is like a drained “slurry” between each pour. This process should take 3.5 – 4.5 minutes.

That’s the coffee done. Assembly time!

  • In the serving glass, pour 1/4 of the glass with coffee and the remaining half-way with apple juice. Or if you like coffee, add more coffee than apple juice. Finish with some ice and voilà!


Sometimes watching is better than words so if you are itching for a good video, try this one here.


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  1. Miki says

    Lovely pour. I’ve never had apple coffee. I’m more of a latte person, but would definitely try this. :)


  2. Rina says

    How interesting is that combination! I’m not a big coffee drinker myself, but I do like Frappes. For some reason, I can’t do hot drinks, they make me hot and uncomfortable. I even drink frappes during the winter lol, I know I’m weird.

    xoxo Rina

  3. Julia says

    I will try this out. I’ve never heard before about apple coffee. Have a nice day, xo Julia

  4. Mica says

    I’ve never tried flavoured coffee before but it sounds like a lovely combination! :)

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

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