SIC – Some Impulsive Cooking: Spring Tea

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Siree here!

Remember how I said I wanted to share some cooking with you guys? Well looks like Talyssa was pretty sweet with that as well and wants to post some herself so we’re calling all our cooking fun, SIC (Some Impulsive Cooking)!

Today’s special ingredient is:

So question: Tea or Coffee?

Once upon a time I would drink coffee once a day religiously like it was water. It was to the point I would scull it down and never savoured the enjoyment of sipping coffee like I use to. Drinking it constantly meant all its caffeine magic had worn off and since I only drink cappuccinos most of the time, it just left me with another dairy heavy drink that would pack on the kilos.

But I’ve always had an appreciation for tea and all its flavour combinations. Being a pantry staple, I think there’s a mentality in Sydney at least that tea is still something you don’t sought after like the beckoning of a nice barista coffee, but T2 has certainly begun it’s crusade in converting loyal coffee devotees to the art of brewing. They even have their own tea cafes popping up all over the city recently like froyo stands (seriously 6 new froyo places in 3 months in relatively the same areaj is nuts!).

This ice tea recipe is my experiment since I’m not a fan of straight tisane tea types (tastes kinda bland or like a extreme liquid candy cane) but this blend called Fruitalicious is awesome because I can actually “taste” the fruit flavour and it’s not like a straight sugar taste as well. I added their black tea blend called “Hobart Breakfast” which has some apple flavour as well to create this Spring Tea.


What I used:

T2 Tea – Hobart Breakfast (Black Tea with Apple flavour)

T2 Tea – Fruitalicious (Cranberries, Blueberries, Dragon Fruit and Goji berry tisane blend)

Edible flowers

500ml hot water (90 – 100 degrees)

500ml room or cold water


Brew 2T Hobart Breakfast and 4T Fruitalicious with 500ml of hot water for 5 minutes.

Add 500ml of room or cold water and chill in the fridge.

I added flowers to make it look pretty but you can put mint, lemon or orange for some added flavour.



Let me know how it turned out if you try it!



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