Siree’s March Favourites 2013

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It’s the start of April so I thought I’ll recap some of the favourite things I’ve been digging from the past month before it’s too late!

I always wanted to do one of these because they look so much fun showing off how much money you can blow on superficial stuff  all your wonderful buys ahaha :) But to keep things interesting I’ll also put some other non-related fashion favourites (helps me feel not so materialistic pfft).

I bought a lot of knits and sweaters wIth the idea that winter will be coming around soon. Unfortunately (or fortunately) though, Autumn is still too warm to wear some of these. So they’re in storage until then *sadface.*

So let’s start with….


Starting off with one of my favourite shops TOPSHOP. I bought some sparkle to my wardrobe with this petite crop top with crystal studs designed, I guess you can say in snowflakes shapes (?). I usually try to avoid these kinds of tops because I get massively disappointed when all the diamantes fall off from weak glue or just a bad stick job, but these are pretty solid which makes me feel less paranoid when I put it in the wash.

Sorry for the crap photo quality. It’s been raining for a couple of days so the lights been bad.

I also bought this ripped distressed crop sweater by The Ragged Priest and it’s so much fun to wear. It looks real bad ass if you have any pleather pants or shorts but unfortunately I don’t possess any yet.


Moving onto accessories, I just discovered this amazing Korean online store called BAGAZIMURI. It’s so affordable with so many cute things and create fashion coordi’s to get inspiration from I just love browzing!

I bought so many pairs of cute earrings but if I had to pick the one these pearl drop ones are so unique and classic for any outfit!
Out of the rings I bought these two single rings look so cute as a pair.
They were also nice enough to give me a free notebook as a gift. LOVE LOVE LOVE BAGAZIMURI!

One of the many knit jumpers I bought using Taobao. I really like the triple weave knit design which makes it super warm! It actually isn’t an ombre dye which the photo suggests (it’s because of the lighting) but it’s just such a nice simple and clean piece that looks nice and crisp so it’s perfect in winter.


Yep changed my hair again. This time I got my hair dyed in an ash blonde with light blonde streaks. At first I was worried it was too bright but after a couple of washes it became more natural looking. It even looks silver in the middle layer!


Anyone who looks at my phone would say how booooooring my apps are! I would say 85% are all Productivity based Apps, 1% Games and 14% Social Media. Yep, I guess I’m a all work and no play kind of girl (ahaaaaaa yucks) but what I do like is to take a lot of photos with the Pudding Camera App.

We probably all have photo editing app on our phones (I have 3!!) but what makes Pudding Camera different from a photo edit or a filter app is that it really does try to simulate the effects and styles of exiting cameras out there (and with great results!). Picking one camera is like looking at the evolution of camera technology and models on your phone. Oh and it’s free as well!


I found a real nice chillax hip hop beat called Sometimes It’s Raininggg by Jay.Soul. Awesome stuff!

That’s it for now! Something awesome is gonna happen today so I’ll definitely blog about it but until then, have a rad one!


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Yes you must! It’s so unbearably cute and with great prices! The earrings and rings were under $10 each!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Mica for stopping by! Yes I can’t wait to show everyone how I would style it ^^

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Can’t wait until it gets colder to wear them! :) Thanks for your comment! <3

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