Snakes are Awesome

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“Your year to bask in abundance and the recognition of personal status!”

“Career woman will fare well”

That would be your outlook this Chinese New Year (CNY) if you were born in the year of the snake. Although “abundance” and “personal status” is a bit vague for me to understand, I guess I can rest easy knowing that I have “plenty of admirers” to choose from “finance” wise *hahz how the mind plays tricks on meh*

And the biggest trick I found to change up a look was not going clothes shopping but…


Geeh photo’s so big! I really do hate these BIG selfie photos I’m not a luvo *much* ><

No wig like last time. How’s that for a makeover! Props to my hair stylist because he is hands down one of the BEST at cutting my hair by far. Once you find one, you don’t let go! I can always trust he will do a good job to the point I ask him to just do “whatever.” No.1 faux pas for many ladies out there I’m sure: letting a hairdresser just do “anything” to your hair. :(

So what did I do on Saturday? When CYN comes around there is one thing on my mind besides eating… night markets.

I absolutely adore going to night markets! Not even to shop but the atmosphere is just so festive. If you have ever been to Taiwan (and you so should!) they have 11 night markets in New Taipei and 10 in Taipei that are opened on a regular basis.

In short: AMAZE-BALLS!!

Here in Sydney, we only have one. On Friday. Only in the summer time :(  Yeah nightlife is regularly dull if you want variety outside clubs and pub crawls.

Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei, my first night market experience. My favourites were Ximending Market aka the Harajuku of Taipei and Shida outside the National Taiwan University.
And here is our “special” Chinese New Year Market in Belmore Park… pardon the ugly photo. It really wasn’t that photogenic :( Or special… ohoho

Noodle making.
Awesome dragon made out of chinese utensils.

The next day was Chinese New Year’s Day, so all the lions came out to bless the shops.

They be fluffy and cute!
And I discovered my new crave – asari miso shiru with noodles.

I think I’ll share this recipe with y’all. A while ago, a good friend of mine gave me some Houji Tea since I’ve been raving about the unique roasted nutty taste at a cute Japanese shop selling cakes and tea. Unfortunately at the time they weren’t selling the tea they were serving which was a blend of Houji and Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea) mixed together. It really did have a unique flavour and I love my tea really strong and flavoursome (prefer black)! So until I can buy the right packet I’ve been making this Houjicha Latte!

Serves 1

Houji Tea 3-4T or 2 Tea Bags

Hot Water (90°C) 50ml

Cold Milk 50ml

Sugar 1T

1.Put the Houji Tea in a disposable tea bag if you have loose tea like me, or the pre made tea bags into a teapot with water and brew for 1-2 minutes.

2.Using a coffee machine, froth the milk until nice and silky foam appears.

3.In a cup add 50ml of tea. You can choose to add the sugar at this point or leave for serving.

4.Pour milk as if to make a latte or cappuccino.


Until next time, Gong Hei Fat Choi!


  1. Talyssa says

    OH MY GAWD Siree!!! Such a luvooooo shot hahahaha. “I really hate big selfie photos” WHATEVER LOL I love you. Good post for our blog <3 <3

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Ohoho what can I say? Its good because its got a ginormous photo of my gorgeous face for you to see everytime you log in! ahahha :)

  2. fdchief218 says

    C’mon, Siree; what’s the good of having a blog if you don’t use it to stick a GINORMOUS picture of your face on it?!?

    Kidding aside, I like your look; very classy.

    We are totally missing out on the night market here in Portland. Not sure why; we have a big Chinese expat community along with a bunch of other Asian neighborhoods that celebrate the Lunar New Year. So even yours is not-lamer than what we’ve got. Nice!

    And, man the Houji tea looks brilliant. I will have to look around at our local Asian market to see if they have some…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Yes! Definitely try it out if you can :) It’s great on hot days.

      Damn but it’s ok! I suppose a PF Chang’s buffet will suffice the feeling since mostly all the stalls are all food anyways LOL :P

  3. Sunny says

    Your posntig is absolutely on the point!

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