Style Guide: Geek Week Roll Call

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If you didn’t know, “Geek Week” was at the beginning of this month and if you have watched The Avengers, Harry Potter, an episode of Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, anime or cartoon just to name a few, it just goes to show how geek culture is everywhere and has certainly changed from any prejudice that you may have remembered in any 80’s or 90’s sit com or high school film drama (Saved by the Bell anyone?).

When assembling M.I.M magazine’s Geek issue our Seoul correspondent Alex Finch supplied us with some great shots of school boys and girls from the tough playground crowd to the academic student types. Our fashion roll call selection and more street photography can be seen on Alex’s street fashion portfolio: iamalexfinch.


You can see our zine “Geek” here.

Also you can follow Alex Finch on facebook and instagram.

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