The Hidden Thimble

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“That was no thimble,” says John in awe, “that was the hidden kiss.”

Naawww doesn’t that scene just give you the nicest feeling??

We were sitting here, with a blank word document titled “blog intro”, trying to find a way to describe the meaning and inspiration behind the name of our blog, but no words could describe. So what better way, we thought, than to have you all watch it for yourselves.

Yup, that feeling you have right now, that is what The Hidden Thimble means, that is the feeling behind our inspiration and our philosophy. We went through name after name, none of them feeling quite right, but when we stumbled across this idea for a name we knew it was perfect.

Soo.. a little bit about us…contrary to popular belief, university group assignments do not always mean death. We both met at university sharing a group assignment with 6 other people. Shock! But we somehow made it out with our friendship intact and now we are the best of friends.

And finally, we are here!!  We honestly weren’t sure if we’d ever make it here. This blog has been in planning for way too long!

But basically at The Hidden Thimble, we promise to deliver quality creative content and share our knowledge. We promise to experiment and take risks. We promise not to be ‘just another fashion blog’ constantly following and chasing current fashion trends, but instead creating them them, engaging in our own timeless styles that we adore (and hope you do too!). We promise to bring you beauty tips and tutorials, share our lifestyles and experiences with you, and get up close and personal with our rants and heart to hearts.

So, with a little sprinkle of fairy dust, we’re hoping you’ll join us on our journey!

Stay Tuned ~

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