The lazy guide to gift giving…but with taste!

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Less than 4 days to go until Christmas! What’s everyone planning? Big lunch or dinner? Traveling? Something casual? Something beyond brilliant? No doubt you will be relaxing and spending time with friends and family for sure.

Though, if you are like me and have to work during this Christmas season, probably not much (boo).

And if you’re really bad, you probably didn’t have time to even shop for presents (like me, again)!

But luckily, finding gift inspiration is so easy you probably already found that unique looks-like-it-took-forever-to-find-but-really-only-10-minutes gift for all your friends. But if you haven’t, not to worry because I found 12 easy DIY projects on Pinny for you to de-stress over gift giving. Something simple doesn’t mean tacky if it’s made with sincerity! Oh, and no sloppiness allowed! Presentation matters ;)

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Nothing beats a good cookie. And these Christmas themed ones are just too cute to eat! Also the great thing is that you can make lots to give to multiple people and you probably already have all, if not half the ingredients to make cookies at home in your pantry!

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Know someone who likes to pamper themself? Why not make their spa treatment pack extra sweet with this Rudolf inspired decoration as well!

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

I remember when I was younger and got a Christmas cracker I would be so psyched to ripe the ends off for the pop… but always hated the stuff that was inside them. It’s like piñata with all the kids walking away empty handed after whacking the papier-mâché. So why not make your own? They’re really cheap to make and so much fun. Great for the office when you aren’t sure of the person because you can either jazz up the inside or just put something in and watch them go crazy for the pop!

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Another great office gift idea or for those of you who appreciates a good cup of tea or strong coffee. This one is so cool since it has the bottom half as a chalkboard to make it your own.

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Mugs are so versatile! They can be used for many purposes and be filled with so many different things!

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Ah so simple but so effective! And afterwork drinks are sorted!

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Not sure what to give for the human? Than how about their furry friend instead? At least the pet is not as picky :P haha

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You tried. You ran around going from A to B, waiting in lines for ages and you are stressed! Let them do the rest :P

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Candy canes are extra special when they have faces on them. All you need is some string and craft eyes.

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Have a person who doesn’t like sweets. What a sour— I mean, how about making some sushi and turning it into a sushi tree? :)

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Board games are so much fun! And if you bring one, everyone plays so you gifted everyone! Score!

Source: via The Hidden Thimble on Pinterest

Above all, just have a wonderful Christmas!


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  1. Serena {Pretty Fluffy} says

    What a fabulous round up – thank you for including my puppy treat bags!
    Your blog is just beautiful. Merry Christmas! xx

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      No problem Serena! I loved the photo so much and thought it was a great idea so I included it in our blog entry! Your lovely blog has so much inspiration for pet owners and such lovely photography! Merry Xmas! Xx

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