The Power of the Wand: Choosing the Right Mascara!

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Choosing the right mascara for YOUR lashes is not as easy as it sounds.  It might come as a shock to some people, but when buying mascara, you’re buying for the wand not the actual makeup itself.  Why? Quite simply the wand holds all the power, with each being uniquely designed for a specific purpose.  This is why the mascara that works ever so fabulously on your friend, maybe not work so well on your lashes.  So how do you choose the right wand for your lashes? Simply read on!

1.  Texture and Type of Bristles.

The first step in choosing a mascara is to figure out what you want your lashes to look like.  Something as simple as the bristles of a mascara wand, can create an array of different looks for your lashes.  Mascara wands typically come with three different types of bristles:

plastic comb
Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

Made out plastic comb-like bristles,  this wand helps to separate lashes, add length and gives your lashes a darker and prominent look.

Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

Made out of synthetic fibres, this is your typical mascara wand.  Natural bristles create soft and light lashes that appear fuller, voluminous but look and feel natural.

Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

My personal favourite, plastic bristled wands are a combination of the two wands above.  The result – dark, long, full and best of all – clump-free lashes!  The downside:  your lashes won’t feel as soft and natural as with the natural bristle wands.

 2. Choosing the shape and size of the perfect mascara wand for your lashes.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect mascara wand for your lashes.  Bear in mind, that depending on the type of lashes you naturally have and the look that you are trying to achieve, you may need to choose a wand that covers multiple functions OR you might even need to use two mascaras.

If this made absolutely no sense to you, here’s what I mean:  if you have smaller eyes with short, but voluminous lashes, and you’re looking to add length and definition to your lashes, you would want to opt for a  small tapered wand for extra precision when working with smaller eyes.  In terms of bristles you’ll ideally want a wand with thin, comblike bristles to lengthen and define each lash.

Below are basic wands and their functions.  Have fun combining and figuring out what works best for you! 

I have short lashes and small eyes > Choose a small, short wand.

Smaller brushes work best for short lashes. Short brushes can get close to your eyes to help grab and lengthen each lash from the root to tip, whilst providing necessary control when you need to get up close and personal.

NARS’ volumizing and lengthening mascaras are a great size for smaller eyes.

I have lots of lashes that lack length and definition > Choose a long, comb-like wand.

To define, separate and lengthen your lashes, choose a mascara with a long, comb-like wand.  These wands usually have evenly spaced bristles which help with length and definition, but lack in adding volume.


I have long lashes but they lack volume > Choose a large, round wand with dense bristles.

Large, thick wands with densely packed bristles are the best for creating voluminous lashes.  Densely packed bristles hold more product helping to coat each lash, creating a thicker look to your lashes. Apply mascara with a zigzag motion to help evenly coat your lashes.



My lashes are too straight > Choose a thick, curved wand.

The rule here is: the fatter the brush the bigger the curl.  To give your lashes extra curl and lift choose a thick, curved brush.  Apply by sweeping the wand over your lashes, from bottom to top, to help with the curling. Curling your lashes helps to lift your eyes, making them appear larger.


I have big eyes and want natural looking lashes > Choose a straight wand.

The best wand for you is a straight wand.  Straight wands are great for getting coverage on every lash, but are not so good for people with smaller eyes as they are less accurate. Straight wands also give natural looking volume and curl, perfect for that everyday look. Depending on the sparseness and length of your lashes you can either choose a straight thick wand or a straight thin wand.


I want more precision when applying mascara > Choose a precision wand.


That’s all!  Enjoy and go forth and discover delicious lashes!

Talyssa xx

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