Turning 1!

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Siree here. Just five days ago this little blog turned 1 and we can certainly say with unabashed pride we are growing up!

From the beginning to now we’ve gone through many stages of writing, diligent diary syncing, eating, more eating (for science!), procrastinating and idea brainstorming to finally being able to share this space with you. Seriously, whenever we look back we wished we started this idea for a blog sooner. Seeing all these young blood blogging during their uni day makes us envious about what we could have fit into our uni day beside our usual dinner/club activities/uni social event gathering/karaoke after school sessions. Though it would be interesting to show what we did get up to after study was over ahaha (we’ll never tell!).

But we’ve achieved a lot since starting and thank you for staying around, reading and commenting it means a lot to us!

And so, remember here where I said that The Hidden Thimble was gonna have something special happening for the month of October? Well here it is:

Yes! We are going to have our first pop up store to celebrate our first birthday full of lovely trinkets as I travel to the trend cities of Tokyo and Seoul!

I’ll be sourcing not only clothes but also cosmetics and there’ll be some yummy macaroons and home made treats for the store as well!

The blog store will be happening sometime in November so keep up to date on our Facebook on location and details!

Thank you for putting up with our narcissistic selfies, Siree’s questionable spelling, random rants

and just lonnnnng procrastinating periods.

It’s something we can’t seem to shake from our self improvement list.

Until next time.



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