Winter Things: Accessories Look Book

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Hello 2017!

Ah I’m so happy to ring in a new year and of course the phrase “New year. New you” offers the opportunity to reflect and motivate yourself to be an even better version than your previous self.

Though writing this, I have caught the flu bug from work and had a case of mild food poisoning in the morning… a great start to my new year’s spirit right?

Moving on, here’s to a new look book to kick off my first post for the year.

Here, I’m focusing on some jewellery pieces I picked up recently and pieces I forgot at home in Sydney that I haven’t worn out and creating some go-to coordinate outfits for each.


Rosy Gold

I’m really enjoying rose gold tones and thought it would be nice to pair it with something casual to make it look sports lux with these cute overalls and fitted cropped top… and this oversized nude toned coat because it is cold AF here!


From the mastermind of Vanessa Hong’s blog, The Haute Pursuit, these cuff from THPSHOP are chunky but will never weigh you down. This is my first purchase from a fashion blogger turned fashion entrepreneur venture and I really like the sleek and unique design of their jewellery range.  Though I don’t really have many sharp chic clothes, this all black pairing works well I feel.

Harness Play

Remember how body harnesses were like “a thing” back circa 2013? They made a few cameos last year during the Louis Vuitton Fall runway and have taunted my need to find one which was a fine play of trying to look daringly fashionably interesting and tasteful.

Though I’ve seen some pieces while online hunting, quality and good design were always key and I found that the ones from designer Elif Domanic were great because they were designed within mind to be wearable for daily situations as well.

Until Next Time!



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  1. FDChief says

    Of all these I think I like the black-and-white combination best. Gorgeously feminine but sharp, chic, and elegantly spare; a very marquise of looks. Tho I have to say – you accessorize each outfit perfectly…

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