Wish – Wait For Sunrise Winter Collection ’14

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Winter is coming.

Okay we know this isn’t Game of Thrones, but we couldn’t resist!

But it’s true, autumn is upon us and the signs are already showing – today it was dark by 7PM! Farewell long summer days…

However, as summer slowly dwindles away, it really only means it’s time for one thing! Updating your Autumn/Winter wardrobe! Here’s where WISH’s ‘Wait for Sunrise’ 2014 Winter Collection comes in.


WISH has this winter sorted with the perfect collection of edgy, urban and feminine creations. WISH’s winter collection traditionally plays among the familiar sepia and blue based undertones of winter, but with a twist – capturing an autumn sunrise with shades of vibrant reds, blush pinks and pops of magenta.

We’re loving the clean, modern sophistication of this collection and with its geometric patterns, delicate lace and florals, it’s both feminine and elegant. Experimentation with different textures and materials gives WISH’s collection that extra dimension.


So, where’s the oversized coats and the layers of thick-whatever-keeps-you-warm we hear you say? Pfft this is the Australian Winter fool! We brave the 16-degree chill while getting a tan – cause that’s how we do! Pairing a flowy dress with a fitted jacket? Or a lace long sleeve with leather shorts? Check! This juxtaposed look for the season keeps things fresh and Wish has a range of dresses even for the Winter time. Look at the geometric print dress in the promo! Can’t you see yourself strutting in that enjoying the winter nightlife? We do!

Layering heavy fabrics such as knit over lace and mesh textures, makes for a lighter winter silhouette – say goodbye to that winter bulky feel.  These paired with cut out knit details and embossed fabric embellishments makes your winter wardrobe fun!  After all, mixing and matching different elements together = MAXIMUM STYLE COMBINATIONS!!!!


Worried about transitioning between the seasons this Autumn? We know we always are. It’s difficult to find something to wear that isn’t too hot and isn’t too cool. Wish understands. This collection covers all bases by pairing singlet tops with patterned trousers, long sleeved tops with shorts and stylish jackets over your short-sleeved evening dresses. WISH achieves a perfect balancing act to keep you comfy this Autumn and keep you warmer as winter unfolds.


So what are our favorites?

Talyssa’s Pick

1. Courtly Jacket \\ 2. Civic Pant \\ 3. Vamp Dress

Siree’s Pick

 1. To Be Released \\ 2. To Be Released \\ 3. To Be Released

Keep your eyes peeled for WISH’s “Wait for Sunrise” Collection!

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