That’s a Wrap, Korea!

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That’s a wrap on Korea from us! Have our posts been helpful? Funny? Made you really REALLY want to go to Seoul?? We sure hope so!

Will we go back to S.Korea again? HELL YES!

There’s still so much left to see and do… ahh 3 weeks is seriously not enough!! :)

Well, it’s the start of summer and we cannot wait to start posting some summertime lovin’ entries since it’s our favourite season to dress up! We’ve been a bit mellow since winter, but this heat will give us the energy to show you guys some fun and exciting posts (fingers crossed)!

For us, summer’s style bible is all bright colours and fun prints to reflect the season so expect some vivid eye candy for the weeks to come :D

So what did our final days in Korea look like?

During the last couple of days it snowed making everything white! Siree finally kicked her blue, black and grey colour scheme habit as well and wore her new clothes out :)
Seafood galore!
Messing around with the friend’s iPad :P  Koreans have a great sense of humour har har har…
Walking through a small park at night. It snowed so heavily that night but it made the walk so worth it!
We were on a mission to do something horribly illegal – setting off fireworks!! Wooo!! What rebels we are!

Finally, we would just like to mention something that really makes going to Korea stand out from a lot of the other countries we’ve been to, and that really is the people.  Koreans are some of the most beautifully friendly people we have met, they are so funny, so outgoing, know how to have a fantastic time and will do anything in their power to help you out and show you the best time possible!

First of all, a big thank you to all the randoms who took the time to help us out when we were lost or confused – sometimes even without us having to ask!  A big thank you to those we got to know in our area  – Mandu man for telling us how much he loved us “Russians” haha and the ladies who owned the kimbap shop where we got out breakfast almost every morning.  A big thank you to all those we met clubbing for taking us to different clubs, buying us food, getting us free alcohol and showing us probably the best night out of our lives!! Finally, a big thank you to our two close friends in Korea, who practically took us out every other day, showed us around and helped us out so much in general.  Your efforts are much appreciated and will never be forgotten!


So, what’s your game plan for summer? Beach parties? Workout regime? A new hairstyle? Let us know!

Have a rad one!

  1. fdchief218 says

    Nice! Thanks for the tour; you took us to some great places in a totally-adorable-as-a-fuzzy-kitten way!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Haha awesome as! Glad you enjoyed our Korea posts! We’ll definitely do some local fav spot posts for the future :)

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