5 Favourite Japanese Hair Care Products

Bad Hair Day? No Worries!

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Hair is BIG business here in Japan.

Competition is so high, finding a good and stylish hair salon by chance is just as conveniently located – if not rival – the amount of shops as convenience stores. While having balayage sun kissed tips and dying your hair unicorn rainbow is the hottest trend to do at the hair dresser in the West, in Japan, it’s still all about the cut. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at how many hair salons in Tokyo are still asking “balayage-what?” Nope, here the buzz in hair is hair styling better known as “ヘアアレンジ – hair arranging” and hair styling products.

But for curly haired girls, our naturally kinked locks faces very different challenges than our straight haired sisters. So I’ve searched high and low for the most handy and must have daily items all under $15.

Here’s my pick of 5 Japanese hair care products for you!

Kanebo Sala Hair Cologne | 518 yen

Working with after second day hair and you are gonna start to notice – your hair really stanks! 

Although tying it all up in that high bun will look cute while holding everything together (including the smell), nothing can absorb that stench of sweaty hair oil especially if in humid weather. So why not use a perfume – but just for your hair!

In Japan, hair colognes are so popular they have become a daily hair necessity and fit perfectly in your bag while on the go.

Aroma Kifi Damage Care Treatment Oil | 980 yen

We all know the hair wonders of Argan oil thanks to brands like Moroccanoil, but have you heard of the hair benefits of Tsubaki or Anzu oil?

Tsubaki (Camellia oil) and Anzu (Apricot Kernel oil) are so popular in Japan for their beauty benefits the use of Tsubaki for beauty can be traced back to the 8th century. Though Japan does have a great selection of Argan hair oil products, it’s nice to have an inexpensive alternative that you “can only get in Japan.”

Your Flora Clay Hair Mask
Your Flora Clay Hair Mask | 950 yen

Product build up can leave your hair greasier and smellier, not to mention the appearance of more hidden head pimples if you don’t wash your hair properly. Which is why this clay mask is good for those who suffer from oil scalp problems. It not only absorbs dirt with two kinds of clay (Morocco clay and sea silt) but it also moisturises with pomegranate, avocado and yoghurt extract. It works great as a head spa treatment and this pack is enough for 5 uses.

Matomage Hair Styling Stick
Matomage Hair Styling Stick | 513 yen

Love putting your hair in a high pony tail or bun but your short curly baby hairs keeps ruining your slick look?

Rated 1st place on the @cosme’s Beauty Product Word of Mouth Ranking for 3 months in a row, this hair wax stick tames all your annoying flyaway hairs without feeling stiff and hard or getting your hands dirty when applying. Japan creates some really nice hair wax products but this one contains Camellia oil, Argan oil, and Baobab oil for moisture and boosts hair shine. As a plus, the design of the stick also gives you nice control which is perfect for when you are trying to groom the back of your head.

SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Essence Mask
SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Essence Mask | 861 yen (sale)

A quality hair mask that is moisturising is a must for any hair type but for curly hair, it always feels like our hair needs a little more TLC because our coarse kinks make it feel much drier. The Shiseido brand is known for its hair products and this mask’s royal jelly EX formula is designed for damaged dry hair by weather changes, UV-ray, and color/perm treated hair.

Saborino - Quick Hair Dry Spray
Saborino – Quick Hair Dry Spray | 1404 yen

I love the movie Tangled but… if you are a night showerer, you will know wisely that drying and styling your hair in the morning is a gruelling routine when you haven’t properly dried your hair – and we all know you should never ever sleep with wet hair!

If you suffer from standing in front of the hair dryer too long because of thick hair this spray helps to cut down styling and blow drying time, and has oils to moisturise hair and peppermint for a cooling sensation.

Wanna get your hands on some of these? Try the @cosme website here.

What’s your secret weapon for beautiful hair? 

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    these sound like fab products :) thanks for sharing!

    this looks awesome. thanks for sharing :)


  2. Rebecca says

    Really cool products! Japan sure makes great stuff in hair care and fashion! The hair oils sound really great!


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