Falling in Love for Fall Make Up

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It’s the Fall 2016 buzz word that re-hashes bringing plum and purple hues back into fashion with a touch of heavy eyeliner for that romantic and edgy vibe.

Winter is possibly the best time to experiment with heavy makeup looks and get away with daring styles to get ready and celebrate the Fall holiday season *cough*Halloween decisions*cough.* So unleash your inner vampire blood thirst to bring a whole lot of attitude to your outfit with these bloody fantastic fall colour makeup looks (bad pun intended).


Left: Dolce & Gabbana


Glow like the Sun

Maximise that blush and add a touch of colour over a plain canvas. You might think that the blush is doing all the work but it’s the blemish free skin that pulls it off in my opinion here. I used a duo blush to add dimension with a light and richer contrast look.


Left: Marc Jacobs


Night Shade

Like giving your eyes a 5pm shadow, the contour of black around the eyes creates a shadow not only on the lids, but the under eye area too to give a smokey hazed look. I used a purple hue here to give it a more romantic look.


Left: Dior


Velvet Black Lips

Don’t be scared. If Taylor Swift can rock the near black lip then you can too. The key is to apply a gloss to get that wet look like liquid darkness.


Left: Erdem


Freshly Bitten

Too scared to venture to the dark side just yet? Add a touch of red to make it more adaptable. Switch it up with a wine stain gradient to make it look freshly bitten. Either way, you decide which poison you choose.

Which one was your favourite?

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  1. Rina says

    Your take on these fall make-up looks are completely awesome! You are absolutely stunning and a makeup genius! I am really loving all the bold lip colours!

    xoxo Rina

    1. Siree says

      Aw thanks Rina!
      I’ve been playing around with makeup looks since it’s getting a lot cooler here so my hard effort doesn’t end up looking like a hot mess from the heat haha :D


  2. Samantha Mariko says

    I love 3CE and NAKED cosmetics!!

    1. Siree says

      I know right?!
      Their makeup is to die for, it always makes me happy wearing it:D


  3. Cinddie says

    You are so gorgeous, especially love the first make up look on you!

    xoxo, Cinddie

    1. Siree says

      Aww thank you Cinddie! :)


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