FML – At the Southern Estate

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Yay, my turn for FML this week!

And since what I am wearing is quite structured rather than something you would think as being floral and flowy, we found this lovely backdrop of a Southern Colonial Estate that was so picturesque we had to use it for our photoshoot!

Look how beautiful this place is! It’s only a small house but with the garden, it’s picture perfect.

I’m so glad peplums are such a hit at the moment! They just add that bit of class and are so flattering with their silhouette shape I find myself running to mine if I can’t think of anything to wear.  And this new trend of detachable sleeves makes the top versatile so you can have two different ways to wear your look!

Top: Dotti. Pants: Taobao. Shoes: Gorman.

Sometimes I must lament over my petite height! Proportion wise, I always worry about wearing these kind of trousers since I’m so short. It’s really hard to find some decent pants that fit me!! And not to mention the cost of altering added to all my long pants, I usually just wear shorts or mini skirts to save me a couple of bucks lol.

Can’t forget about these rad shoes I bought at Gorman! They’re flatforms with this flamboyant geo print that they do so well. The colour on them is gorgeous! If you love pattern clash or just amazing patterns, it’s the BEST place to get your print fix!

Ok, stay tune next week for more FMLs!
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Oh and if you’re wondering how I grew my hair so fast….it’s a wig!! *runs away*


  1. fdchief218 says

    Those shoes ROCK! Totally make the outfit – it’s cute, VERY cute, but the shoes add the perfect dash of bright color. Awesome ensemble!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Siree here! Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m glad to hear you like our blog :) Merry Xmas!

  2. fdchief218 says

    Oh, BTW: I’m enjoying your blog so much that I’ve got to blogroll you! So you’re on the Target List over at Graphic Firing Table, and – provided you’re OK with this – I want to recommend you to my readers as Blog of the Month for December. Great stuff, Talyssa…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      REALLY!? That’s so awesome you like our blog so much!! Thanks so much!! Yours is pretty cool too!
      We are kinda new to this blogging thing soooo I have no idea what you mean by blogroll…ahahaha..wait okay I just researched it – sounds good, we will add you to ours too..but I probably need to figure out how to set it up first haha!

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