FML: Double Trouble!

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Scarf: Zipia // Dress: Zipia // Shoes: ASOS // Socks: Lazy Oaf


Hooray for another happy year together!

I hope you are lifted by the same cosmic force of optimism that only the New Year seems to bring mysteriously. Its magic unicorn dust, don’t fight it. :)

And so to bide 2013 farewell, here is the last FML I took that year.

Looking back at these photos, my gawd my hair dye fetish really started to show. I’ve never dyed my hair so much in a year! I’ve changed from natural black to blonde to pink to now this faded rainbow and dark brown combo (I’ll show you in the Japan post soon!). What can I say? I like playing with my hair. When I thought something was missing in this outfit the first thing I thought was: my hair needs to be in ears! So tad-ah! Now they match my cute kitty socks haha

It feels like I’m trying to express the inner brat in me. The kind that is suffering from some inner angst cos hey, we’ve all been there.

But back on track. If you want to know another cool Korean online fashion shop, Zipia (English version of Dahong) has some really stylish threads for girls and guys so check it out! The only problem is you have to spend a minimum order of USD$300 which is a bummer :( My advice would be to do a haul with your friends and enjoy some virtual window shopping :)

Until next time!




  1. Pixelhazard says

    You look uber cute! P.s where did you get your hair done. No one seems to be game enough to lighten my hair like I want

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hi Dear

      Oh I understand your feels!
      The place is called Kayo Japanese Hair Design in Chatswood. Their addy and details are here: My hair costed $290 roughly including cut, shampoo and conditioner and free hair treatment (it’s a deal for first time customers).


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