FML: Sitting Pretty

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Skirt: ASOS | Shirt: Zippy Denim | Hat: Overseas (Japan) | Bag: SPIRALGIRL | Shoes: Overseas (Korea)


If Only We Were Running On Beach Time

Feeling energized with the cool breeze and warm sand between your toes but I need to confess, I hate the ocean!

Or is it the ocean hates me?

I don’t know what makes me terrified of the deep, or the reason why my motion sickness quickly reacts to the slightest movement of waves but wearing nautical as everyday wear is like hitting the streets with some beach fun, sea breeze magic – without the fear of sharks (I’m scared of sharks.)

I’m really loving berets at the moment as well so I added the pop of red to make the look more preppy in addition to the socks and white leather lace up shoes to finish.

I’m hoping to see what the beaches look like here in Japan during Golden Week! I probably won’t go as far as Okinawa (yet) but hopefully just seeing the ocean will remind me of home.


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  1. FDChief says

    It’s odd…but the part I like best in the ensemble? Your shoes and socks! Utterly trim, neat, dainty and so pretty! The skirt and blouse are pretty, but the shoes are really smart and stylish!

    I’d like the toque a little better if you pulled it down one side, though. Standing up like that it makes you look like your hair is all sticky-up!

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