FML: Skater skirts on the Railroad!

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Top: All About Eve | Skirt: American Apparel | Shoes: Dotti | Belt: Korean Market
I love how chunky the shoes look…I absolutey LOVE chunky shoes!
Close up of the contact lenses: Freshlook: Hazel. I wouldn’t wear these for everyday wear because I don’t think they look heaps natural, but for costumes or shoots I love them!

It has been the longest while ever since I last did an outfit post.   Time these days has not worked in my favour and with the recent life changes, I made the mistake of expecting things to fall into place with time slowly becoming more and more available…

I was wrong.

It finally hit me…that amongst working full-time, trying to have a social life and keep in touch with friends, to house hold chores, grocery shopping, making dinners, doing laundry, and going back to visit the parents every now and again, things are only going to keep on getting busier, and if I want to do things, I need to make TIME to do it!

Life planning at it’s finest!

Now onto the outfit:

I feel very 90s in this outfit, but good 90s.  I love it.

I’ve been wanting a denim skater skirt for so long but couldn’t find the perfect one.  Then I stepped into American Apparel.  I don’t know why I didn’t realise it earlier but…I love almost everything in American Apparel. Definitely my new favourite place to shop!

Anyways, I am really impressed with the quality of the skirt – it has a really great authentic feel about it – from the colour, to the texture to the little clip button on the hip! The cut of the skirt is also amazing!  Kudos to quality!

As well as skater skirts, another obsession of mine this summer has been cropped T-shirts, and to be honest, with the recent instalment of the belly button ring, I don’t mind showing off my belly this summer :D  I also really love the floral detailing on the t-shirt.  It still manages to retain that casual quality, but also adds a little bit of girly to it!

Until next time!

Talyssa Xx


  1. Olivia says

    I know exactly what you mean about not having the time! It happens to all of us! I’m not sure how you feel but, I would feel almost guilty not posting!… almost haha It’s okay though, we all have busy times in our life and sometimes you can find time to do a great post – like this!
    The contacts look real btw! I like them!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      I DO FEEL GUILTY!! It’s terrible! Ahh oh well…I’ll get better at it as time goes on!

  2. Mica says

    That is such a cute printed tee! I like the skater skirt too, lovely for summer.

    Hope you find a bit more time with Christmas coming up :)

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