FML – Strut

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Pants : TOPSHOP// Shirt & Sunnies : Soeurs // Necklace : House of Harlow // Watch : Skagen //

Shoes : Steve Madden

If you were to ask me a year ago – “What do you think of that fluro skirt?”

My answer would be – “Erm, tacky.”

Wow, that was harsh older self *smack*

Maybe it was because I was suffering from a reoccurring nightmare of a crazed colour blocking crowd with people mismatching from all opposite points of the spectrum like a bad rainbow…

But I’ve seen the light of good! No longer colour blind I’ve been a bit more daring and a lot wiser in matching my colours. When I saw this fluro orange and blue lace trousers from TOPSHOP, my heart skipped a beat in awe.  Jacquard fabric really is a cool weave to produce such a unique pattern.

Also, something I have grown to like is matching something chic with sport wear like my Skagen watch. Gives the look a sort of “masculine” vibe while strutting in my heels through the streets wearing my shades like a bw-oss!

Kudos to creative guy Mark for being the photographer on the day. Can’t wait to show you more of his camera work for the next FMLs:D

High res photos are coming to our Facebook soon!




  1. Karen says

    Your pants are amazing, and you look gorgeous! x

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Karen! I confess I usually hate wearing pants because I don’t have the long legs for them but they are fab to wear :D

  2. Olivia Gumienny says

    Really cute collar detail! :) I like that area you took the photos in! xx

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