FML – Theme Park

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// Top: Lulu & Rose // Skirt: Korea // Shoes: Korea //

Seeing double?

Matching clothes is tough but combo double vision pairing is like your retro forward granny taking you back to square one. It’s like the showmanship of flurry stage ensembles stolen from the costume department of some 90’s girl band (or boy band) and a bit of a time warp for all of you who watched Clueless growing up to appreciate its coordination. Don’t let your eyes fool you thinking it’s camp… Cher Horowitz and her bestie Dionne would never say as if to being matchy-matchy.

With over a decade of that mustard yellow plaid school girl outfit worshipping under my belt, it’s great to see the matching style has been revamped into modern cuts that are fitted, tailored and flattering with the sneaky cropped shirt just to show a little skin to break the symmetry.

For shame Sydney has not gotten stock of these wonder items in stores and leaving it for the online domain, it just makes it that much harder the endeavor for identical perfection.

The top and skirt featured here aren’t part of the same bunch but putting two-and-two together, it didn’t look too bad walking about as a quilted pillow case. Could I have gone a bit too far with the quilted Jeffery Campbell Lita look-alikes? (Well made knock offs y’all) ┐(‘~`;)┌ Hmm…

Also FYI, there is a reason why bubblegum is indigestible. No taste bud can survive that oddly flavoured ice cream unless you are of the 10 and under crowd to appreciate the utter crap joy this gives you.⌒*

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  1. Jay says

    Looking gorgeous Siree!
    I’m loving your hairstyle it definitely adds that playful touch to the Luna Park!
    You’re doing amazing in those Lita dupes too, I’m an absolute klutz in mine.

    Jay | Jayybear |


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Aw thanks Jay!
      LOL I noticed I’m the kind of person who likes to drag their heels into the ground while they walk so I’m pretty noisy in them!
      I wish there was some cool souvenirs at Lunar Park! They need some work on their gift shop so I be decked out in faux ears and cheap plastic accessories :)


  2. Mica says

    Such a cute little outfit – I like all of the texture! And lovely location for photos too :)

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