FML: Work It Later

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Blazer: Zara // Shirt: Zara // Jeans: Uniqlo // Clutch: Colette by Colette Hayman // Rings: ASOS, River Island & Lovisa

Oh noes! Work is seeping into my daily wear!

Though my pink hair is more play than anything. Sadly I have ditched the pink recently as it was getting very hard to maintain the colour but it shall return someday…

Back to the outfit! I got to say it’s not easy to coordi white blazers but how could I say no to this Zara blazer?

It’s got that “power suit” kind of vibe when you dress it up and turns cas with some simple jeans and some shades.

I love the dark blue lapel and it was the cut that drew me to it and just being white. The colour seems to be my colour theme this time for some unknown reason and it’s been a decision maker in all my recent purchases as well. Must be my bland persona hahaha (secretly crying).

On the subject of work, recently, I changed jobs to a workplace that doesn’t have a formal dress code so experimenting with work fashion is something new and challenging.

There’s a scene in Seinfield’s “The Seven” where Jerry notices his girlfriend keeps wearing the same outfit over and over again and it got me thinking:

There’s gotta be a unwritten faux pas somewhere of how many times you can wear an outfit in circulation before someone questions it right?

It’s a petty issue for sure but people will bust you for it (and yes, I got call out for it before!).

In your defense, maybe you do have a closet full of these, like Superman! That’s how I sugar coat the fact my fashion game is just not on every five days a week.

There’s some rule to casual office wear peeps before someone gets all up in your biz saying, “You can’t wear this because you wore it yesterday.” I swear it!


Anyway, until next time.



(Just another victim of social awkwardness.)

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  1. fdchief218 says

    Don’t listen to them, Siree – this is a classic look and you pull it off brilliantly. Gorgeous!

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