G.T.F.O – Greatly Terrific Food Outing: Kofoo

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Passionate staff = conquers the world!  Well that is at least Kofoo’s motto.  Kofoo prides itself on creating a new flavour of Korean cuisine, fusing traditional Korean food, with Korean street/snack foods with foods from around the world!   Most importantly though, is the “youth” vibe Kofoo so adamantly portrays with its “fusion dishes being carefully selected from Korean young people.”

What this basically produces is a Korean style of “pub food” which I actually think is pretty clever.  The youth culture in Korea is pretty diverse and rich and it is quite common to see this idea of ‘Korean youth restaurants,’ scattered within youth social hubs such as Hongdae.   It is so refreshing to have something like this here too! (Next they just need to bring kimbap stores here hohoho).   In these restaurants it is not uncommon to find “Koreanised” versions of Italian pizza and pasta dishes or a side of fries with your spicy chicken.   The result is YUM!

Why wouldn’t you like to pair pancakes with scrambled eggs and Kimchi Jigae? :)
Kofoo takes classic Korean dishes and presents them so nicely!


Kofoo has a quirky, youthful and very ‘cool/hipster’ vibe.  Its simplistic yet vibrant branding compliments the restaurants industrial styled interior, and in typical Korean ‘themed restaurant’ style, the utensil holders, plates etc etc are all industrial themed!   I think it’s hard not to feel cool, chic and young eating here!  We like.

We also enjoyed how the youthful vibe was extended within the restaurant by pinning up posters of Korean KPOP celebrities and then placing the “Kofoo” branding stamp on top of them! Quite amusing.

Setting rating: 4/5


the stalker shot? ahaha

Our food came out quite fast and staff on the whole are friendly and quite easy on the eye ;)
However, for passionate staff that are meant to be conquering the world, they were just WAY TOO CALM!! I didn’t notice anything unique or spectacular about the staff service here in comparison to other restaurants.

Our personal waiter, though was very thoughtful when he saw Siree and I were sharing our dishes and offered us extra plates without us needing to ask.  He also brought forks.  I don’t know if that was because he thought a white person like me wouldn’t know how to use chopsticks!  Don’t be judin’ this egg right here!! White on the outside – yellow on the inside YO!

Service rating: 3/5


It is pretty standard for Korean restaurants to serve complimentary side dishes with your meals.  Basically the more upper class your restaurant, the more side dishes you will get.  Kofoo only serves 3 side dishes, which is less than most restaurants, but is pretty standard for the more snack eateries such as Kimbap stores and so on.  The side dishes however were only average in taste and selection and…no kimchi?? Ludicrous!!

Order #1 – Cheese Tteokbokki.  Siree and I both agree that the Cheese Tteokbokki at Kofoo is one of the best we’ve tasted.  It has a good level of spicy and sweet and the sauce is not too thick and gluggy.  Topped with cheesy goodness just makes it even better.  I love how Koreans like to melt cheese over everything..mmmm fatty goodness!!

Dish rating 4.5/5

Order #2 – Jjimdak Deopbap
This dish was unfortunately less than average.  It was dry, had a lack of sauce, had microscopic pieces chicken and was not all that flavoursome.  I guess after eating the same dish at Seven’s restaurant,  it’s a bit hard for anything to compete with the amazingness of that dish ..but this didn’t even come close to hitting the mark. Unlike the Cheese Tteokbokki, this dish was ordered off the “$6.99 Lunch Specials” menu, which is why we think the quality of this meal was not as good.  Guess you get what you pay for.

Dish rating 2.5/5

Combined food rating:  3.5/5

Value for Money:

Our total order came to $19.  For the price, the portion size is generous, and the taste is quite good.  We left the restaurant full and content.  Although the menu items are a bit more expensive than the lunch specials, the food tastes A LOT better and we recommend ordering from the main menu.

Kofoo Overall Rating:

Setting (4/5) + Service (3/5) + Food (3.5/5)  =


Other Details:

Opening times: 7am – 2am
Location: Cnr of Liverpool and Sussex Street – 347-353 Sussex St Sydney, NSW 2000
Website: www.kofoo.com


  1. fdchief218 says

    Mmmm! Sounds wicked good. But…no kimchee? Heinous! And I’d kill for a local join that made good jeon. Loves me some Korean pancake. Lucky ladies – this sounds like a good place to grab some pub food.

    Can you get soju, too?

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      I know! No Kimchi…soo weird!!! I think I would definitely come back and try the pancakes here. Of course you can get soju!! Wouldnt be a Korean restaurant without Soju :D

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