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My Sweet Memory (MSM) is the cafe to be at amongst business men and students alike! And when we saw the new Central store pop up in Sydney, we knew we had to review it!!

Incase you were wondering, the face thing on the bottom right is actually a Japanese stress ball – Cao Maru.

MSM sets itself apart by introducing a new concept to the cafe industry.  See, MSM is not just your ordinary cafe, oh no.   It also prides itself on its retail section in which it sells a variety of high quality lifestyle products.  There is something really new and enjoyable about being able to browse through a range of cute and unique products such as stationary, quirky office lamps and chairs and other various nicknacks whilst awaiting your coffee.

Cute book holders for sale!

Most importantly however, is that MSM recognises the one thing that Siree and I have been yearning to see in Australian cafe’s since our trip to Korea and I think it is perfectly summed up in MSM’s vision statement: “We noticed the coffee industry was highly specialised, consisting of big brand coffee houses that offered poor tasting coffees or small local cafés, some which lack space and culture.”

This is exactly the cafe culture, if you can even call it a ‘culture’, that currently exists in metropolitan areas in Sydney!!  MSM hit the nail on the head with its consumer, marketing, product and branding advantage!!! If it’s not the Starbucks’ and the Gloria Jeans’ with their highly branded generic interiors and mediocre tasting coffees, then it’s those local cafes with their [sometimes] slightly better coffees, but featuring those all white interiors with their shitty white tables tops and tacky chairs that make that horrible scraping sound along the floor with their thin metallic legs as you go to sit down!  You don’t feel relaxed in these cafes, you dont feel all snug and cosy in these cafes, you don’t feel as if you have escaped the world in these cafes, you don’t feel as if you are indulging in these cafes!!!!

And thus, what we love most about My Sweet Memory is its focus on creating a relaxing and cosy ambience through impeccably stylish interior design AND great quality comfort food and drinks.

MSM Central’s awesome interior decor, so cosy and homely right??  Everything on the shelves are for sale!


MSM Central follows the MSMs current trend of designing the interior of each store differently, but all still have that same MSM charm/vibe.   Unlike its sister store in Town Hall,  MSM Central’s vibe is a little bit darker and less cutesy with an overall rustic and vintage vibe that I love!

Love these extra touches of decoration!!

We absolutely loved the quirkiness of the vintage science lab cross steampunk styled chairs and lighting in the store. Super love!!

Stepping into such a lovely decorated cafe just makes you feel good!!  It provides the perfect away-from-work/uni working environment.  It is such a pleasure to sit in such a nice environment, be able to plug in your laptop (yes there are numerous powerpoints situated nicely next to your table) and do some work.  It just feels relaxing, completely at ease and productive all at the same time.  Oh, another bonus – FREE WIFI!!

Setting Rating: ★★★★★


MSMs service was really fast and the staff were not overbearing and in your face.  They don’t hover around you trying to kick you out when you have finished your drinks or try to get you to purchase something more in order to stay in the cafe.  You can stay as long as you like, peacefully and comfortably, working away on your laptop or reading a novel snugged up in one of the cushioned sofas.

Service Rating: ★★★★


I ordered the MSM Special Hot Chocolate, made from half milk and half dark chocolate. Now I am extremely fussy with hot chocolates because I prefer a chocolate taste over a sugar taste. I find that most cafe’s that use the chocolate syrup, end up serving you a shitty sugary sweet hot chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I like my hot chocolates sweet, but I prefer the sweetness that comes from Hot Chocolates that are powder based, rather than syrup based. In saying this, MSMs ‘Special Hot Chocolate; was great! Not too sweat, and a chocolate taste rather than a sugary one!
Rating: ★★★★ . 5 stars!
Siree’s cappuccino had great flavour and was not burnt!
Rating: ★★★★
Siree and I shared a Lemon Tart between us.  The serving size was quite big which made it good to share!  We both loved the taste and whilst the lemon taste was prominent it was not too overpowering.  The tart had a great balance between sweet and sour. 
Rating: ★★★★


Our total order came to $13.90, which is quite an average price for 2 drinks and a slice of lemon tart.

Cappuccino: $3
Hot Chocolate: $5.40 (bit steep I think)
Lemon Tart: $5.50

Overall, MSMs value for money is comparable to other cafes, but considering you get good quality food and drinks, free wifi, and can stay as long as you like, I think MSM earns some extra points:

Rating: ★★★★

Overall we really love MSM and it is definitely the place we go to regularly when we have a coffee craving or just want somewhere to relax, chill, chat or work!

Other Details:


708 George St. Sydney NSW 2000

Town Hall
95 Bathurst St. Sydney NSW 2000

3&4 Symond Arcade. 12 Churchhill Ave. Strathfield NSW 2135

Shop 4, 370 Victoria Rd. Chatswood NSW 2067




  1. Hentaro Korak says

    Great post, 5/5. Really enjoyed the enthused attitude with which you blogged about MSM. The shot overlooking the shelves they have at the front of the store had me sold!! I’m a fan now too :)

  2. Nichola says

    I agree so much with your assessment of cafe “culture” in Sydney! It really is lacking. You even mentioned those horrible metal chair legs! I know exactly what you mean…. it’s one of my pet peeves.

    I really love MSM not only because of the food and drinks, but because of the ambiance and the space. I can sit there with a book for ages and not feel pressured to leave. Sydney needs more cafes like this.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Ah! Nichola!! Do you know how good it is to hear someone agree with us about Sydney’s cafe “culture” ?!?! (I love the fact you put that in inverted commas btw haha)

      Agree completely!! More cafes like MSM are a must!!

      Your blog name looks interesting haha I’m going to go and check it out now! Thanks for commenting, it’s always good to meet new people

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Mica! You are in Melbourne hey! bet you guys have heaps of nice cafes!

  3. FDChief says

    Mmmm. Looks wonderful, and I come from a city where we are overwhelmed with wonderful cafes. Next time you feel like traveling hop a flight to Portland and I’d be happy to take you on a coffee-and-treat tour of my city.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hahaha I might take you up on that offer! Same applies to you if you ever come down to Sydney :)

  4. Antonieta says

    ohhh great post!! I would like to have an MSM Cafe here at Mexico City… hope someday I can visit one, all the pics are perfect, the deco is stunning!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Antonieta!! You should visit! We would definitely show you around! I wonder what kinds of awesome cafes Mexico has!!

  5. Andrea Brito says

    Wow! The candies have a delicious aspect!
    Thanks for replying me :)

  6. MSM CENTRAL says

    Thank You for such a great review and supporting us. Please do share more sweet memories with us at MSM Central :)

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      No problem! We absolutely loved our experience and continue to visit MSM regularly :)

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      hi love!

      IKR! It’s such a nice vibe on the inside. Can’t wait till winter comes so I can just nose drive into some hot tea and chill in here :)

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