I Freak’n Love Zines!

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A sample of zine covers from my collection L-R; U-D: SSE #10 VS FORCE by VS | Sunless by Danny Shimoda | Audrey & Audrey by Ayano Takeuchi | How’s it Hanging? by Timbo400 | MENACE by Chris Yee | Fix your Clothes by Raleigh Briggs | Fight your Fears by Alejandro Giraldo | Do-it-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad by Adam Gnade

Sorry for being MIA! It was not intentional I swear it. To be honest, getting on the computer recently has been a bit of a drag because… Netflix is literally sucking up all the data speed on the internet lately. Real talk, as if the constant loading pinwheel of death was not a constant reminder of how behind the whole country is in this tech-dependant age, you get this:


Wanna know what this is doing? Nothing! It’s literally NOT loading. Yes, Netflix has indeed killed the loading icon and is now in a permanent state of refresh button bashing CPR life support.


And it will drive you insane! (not Netflix, I love you. Australia’s slow internet, I hate you)


But I digress.


I am resisting the urge to spend more money than necessary at the moment on clothing to share the second passion in my life – zines.

I realised I haven’t shared my collection here but over the years, I have hoarded what I like to describe as a nice “musing” anthology of particular writings or photo essays on what I so happen to reflect on over a regular basis – or just because I like the publication.

I have a terrible habit of showing favouritism and judge books by their cover so there’s a build up of art book types, but I’ve seen some foodie ones like this ode to Pie zine which I definitely would get into. I’m also in the mood for a zine full of just bad puns or awkward responses to daily situations. Perhaps illustrated with a cute caricature of Brick Tamland from Anchorman – I’d buy that.

Here’s a few gem reads from the pile:

Title: スープを飲む少年 by ムライ. An indie manga I picked up in Japan, the title translates to “The Boy Who Drinks Soup” storytelling the various “ways” the chef sources his ingredients to serve his little customer. Great for those who like dark humor.
Title: Natural Health by Thisispaper. I actually got this supplementary zine from a purchase on their online shop and realized how good this zine was for work! From tired eye exercise methods to remedies for colds, it’s a keeper for any office worker. Now if only they had a cure for RIS in my wrist…
Title: Do-it-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad by Adam Gnade. We all have days when we’re just sad, and not the “I ordered a feast and only got a lettuce leaf” type of sad. It’s the kind that is born from insecurities or the luxury of too much boredom and when you need some general guidance, Adam is there with his words of wisdom. Kudos!
Title: The Story of Gardens by Kuba Woynarowski. As you can see, is an abstract story with stunningly detailed drawings in a comic/graphic novel style told in only red, white and black. The art in this is so beautiful and surreal, you really appreciate the artist’s attention to detail on the more intricate pages.

In recent news, this weekend sees the return of the MCA Zine Fair at Circular Quay so if you’re in the area definitely stop by for some inspo, creative mind mingling and maybe a freebie decal with your new read.



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My Zine Swag
Although I did love the many art zines I saw, I tried to go for some other types of zines since my collection is becoming a bit bias.
I had an urge recently to rewatch Tim Burton’s Batman Returns for the costume designs and it was fitting to find a zine dedicated to Catwoman herself! Catwoman75 by Jennifer Wu is a zine dedicated to celebrating 75 years of Selina Kyle in all her forms (except Halle Berry’s version because, although she is a good actress, that movie thou…).

I also got a Kanye Loves Kanye card and “I Am A God” from Daniel Malik. A great zine of quotes and inspirational sayings from the mouth of god himself.


I also got these two cute zines, Aters Gonna Ate and Literal Movies by Penny Wongpaibool and Paul Fiore. I thought there would be some foodie zines but alas I wasn’t able to find any, so Aters Gonna Ate fueled my food wish especially for smoothie ideas. Literal Movies is a quirky zine that creates short funny synopsis based on if the movie’s title was literally the movie itself.

The MCA Zine Fair’s final day is tomorrow so be sure to check it out!


Until Next Time!




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