The Oscar Flavours of 2013

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Meep Meep, Talyssa checking in!

So I just finished watching the 85th Academy Awards and I’m here to bring you my personal choices on best and worst dressed.  I don’t really like the idea of labeling a person the “worst dressed,” particularly because it’s so degrading!  I mean think about it, you’ve been planning this dress for a month or more, you’ve invested a lot of money into it, you obviously think it looks amazing, only to find that the one day you wear this dress, you are labelled the worst dressed not only amongst other high profile celebrities but also AROUND THE WORLD!!!

What a wonderful way to end a night of should be celebrations.

Anyways enough of my little spiel.  The Oscar flavour of this year was definitely focused around two things. The first. BLING.  Mainly in the form of sequined dresses.  There were large sequins, small sequins, sequined patterned formations and so on.  The second was the focus on the BUST area, last year it was the leg, this year defining the bust was definitely the trend.

So here are my personal choices on the “Wow!  I totally Love your dress,” the “Meh, it looks amazing on you, but I wouldn’t pick it out for me” and the “nahh..not really feeling it”:

“Wow! I totally love your dress”

From left to right:

Amanda Seyfriend: One of my many female celebrity crushes.  Amanda is just so beautiful.  I don’t particularly like her dress heaps, but she looked so amazing in it that it became one of my favourites.  Elegant and feminine.  Dress by Alexander McQueen.

Jane Fonda: Out of all the mature women’s dresses on the red carpet, I thought Jane Fonda’s dress wore the best.  It is perfect for the mature women – appropriate attire with its long sleeves, but also maturely daring with its low cut neckline and perfect fit, which leaves Jane looking immaculately sexy and sophisticated.    I am really loving bright colours for mature-aged women and the sequin detail draws attention to her gorgeous waist!

Jessica Chastain: Wow, what a gorgeous dress.  A perfect fit, a gorgeous colour and beautifully blingy with a very modern striped pattern that is not too overpowering.  The cut along the bust line is gorgeous.  The dress combined with Jessica’s makeup, hair style and colour is all round beautiful and elegant.  No statement necklace, but there is no need with a dress like that and those huge diamond earrings!  Dress by Armani.

Samantha Barks: I think Samantha Barks’ dress is absolutely gorgeous on her.  This dress with its plunging neckline is the perfect example of how smaller busted women can also look great in dresses that expose the bust area.  It is simple, effortless, chic, fits well and follows this years trend being all about the bust!  The statement necklace finishes off the outfit perfectly.

Kelly Osbourne:  Another one of my favourite dresses.  This dress in general has not been considered a red carpet favourite, but I love it.  I think it is so pretty and chic.  I love the ribbon paneling on the top of the dress as well as the unique neckline and straps of the dress!  Dress by Tony Ward Couture.

Naomi Watts:  My all time favourite dress of the night.  I absolutely love it!  It fits perfectly, its an awesome colour that stands out on the red carpet and the bling is both amazing without being too overpowering – glamourous but still simple and classy.  I love love love the neckline cut which goes across the bust which cleverly draws attention to that area.  Fits her beautifully. So sexy. I am in LOVE.

Zoe Saldana:  The majority of opinions on this dress has not been favourable, with many saying the dress is a flop.  But I absolutely love it.  The dress fits Zoe’s body perfectly and looks amazing on her.  I love the detail along the bust and the belt, which emphasizes her already tiny waist even more.  I think this dress oozes elegance and beauty.  Sure, it didn’t really follow any of the trends of the night, but I think a style like this is timelessly classic in appeal.  I love it.  I don’t care what anyone says!  Gown by Alexis Mabille Couture.

“Meh, looks great on you but wouldn’t pick it out for me”

From left to right:

Jennifer Aniston: I think this dress looks great on Jennifer, but my main disappointment with the outfit was was just a bit too plain.  The square shape across the top of her bust doesn’t accentuate her great boobs that I would always see on friends (ahaha).  The simplistic style of her dress, combined with minimal   non existing jewelry (I mean c’mon this dress totally needs a statement necklace!!) as well as her “normally regular” hairstyle, just comes across as a bit too simple and slightly boring.  A bling bling statement necklace, with a gorgeous up-do would have totally made this dress stand out a lot more than it does.  Dress by Valentino.

Adele: I don’t really like this dress, but considering Adele is a “bigger” women, she picked a great dress that flatters her body type well.  I love the sequin detailing on the dress, and the longer sleeves are a smart choice.  I really think Adele is quite beautiful, I love her hair and makeup.  The dress style, plus hair, plus makeup kind of gives me a 60s vibe but still looks modern.  Nice. Dress by Jenny Packham.

Halle Berry:  A very modern dress with the stripes – which I think will be big next season!  I quite like this dress it’s kind of a new take on the pinstripe but with bling!  The main setback for me with this dress is that it feels very androgynous. I would have loved to see this dress on Halle with a different style and cut – perhaps something similar to the style and cut of Samantha Barks’ dress.  Dress by Versace.

Salma Hayek:  I actually really like this dress and I think it has a lot of potential.  It is sleek, elegant and classic and I love the bling of the neck line of the dress.  The only problem is…whenever I saw Salma in this dress I thought it made her look out of proportion! And that’s almost impossible for Salma, because she has an AMAZING body!!  Looking closer at the dress, the neck part actually looked quite heavy and didn’t appear to sit flat on her neck, so it gave off a chunky vibe which made her neck and shoulders to appear thicker and broader than what they really are…  Maybe this is what caused the dress to look as if it didn’t fit her properly. Ahh well.  Dress by Alexander McQueen.

Jennifer Lawrence:  I think this dress looks fabulous on Jennifer and is really elegant.  However this is not a dress I would pick out for myself.  I’m not too keen on the drop-waist “puffy” part of the dress which I think it looks a bit too jellyfish-like for my liking.  I would have personally liked it a little bit higher – coming off the waist.  However I thought she looked lovely in it and the back necklace was a lovely touch.  I think back necklaces are my new found love.  Dress by Dior.

Nicole Kidman: I think this dress looked fabulous on Nicole and rightly so since Keith Urban picked out the dress for her!  He of all people should know when Nicole’s body looks good in an outfit.  I’m not really into the whole black and gold thing, but more so I greatly dislike the gold swirl patterns at the bottom of the dress.  Dress by L’Wren Scott.

Anne Hathaway:  This dress seems to be everyone’s pick for worst dressed of the night!  But I thought Anne Hathaway wore it beautifully and rightly so since she is my biggest celebrity crush at the moment – she is just so elegant.  The biggest issue people seem to be having with Anne’s dress is that it comes across as a bit “Year 10 Formal” with the spaghetti straps…I don’t really mind it to be honest, I just didn’t love the dress enough to put it into my favourites.  Dress by Prada.

“Nahh, not really feeling it”

From Left to right.  The best of the worst!

Catherine Zeta Jones:  I love Catherine, I think she is just so elegant, however this dress did nothing for her beautiful body!!  I feel as if it made it look a bit manly?  I think the Gold was a bit too overpowering, so the dress comes across as having a bit too much going on. Love the earring and hair though!  Dress by Zuhair Murad

Jennifer Hudson:  My main gripe with this dress is that the larger sequins at the top kind of look reptilian… I love the bottom of the dress though, looks beautiful.  I would have loved this dress if the top was similar to the dress Naomi Watts is wearing, with the shimmering fabric gradually breaking off into the little sparkles seen at the bottom of the dress.  Jennifer’s body looks amazing and the fit of this dress on her is gorgeous.  Dress by Roberto Cavalli.

Kelly Rowland: Not a bad ensemble, just not my type.  I’m not too keen on the swooshy fabric styling.  I like the modern look, but nothing too amazing.  Dress by Donna Caren Atelier.

Charlize Theron:  I know I know, this is a favourite for most people, but I don’t know I just don’t really like it.  I mean it’s Charlize, so she rocks anything she wears, but compared to how I’ve seen her in the past, she just didn’t look as elegantly beautiful.  The first time I saw Charlize at the Oscars  I was in awe, she looked so beautiful.  At the time I didn’t know who she was, yet so enchanted by her looks, I was compelled to find out who she was. So I guess seeing this compared to the first time I saw her, was a bit of a let down for me…Dress by Christian Dior Couture.

From left to right:

Helen Hunt:  Ahh the scandalous H&M dress everyone is going crazy about.  Is it really such a big deal if a celebrity is wearing a dress that doesn’t cost as much as a small house does?  To be honest the dress doesn’t look too bad, but it’s not really my cup of tea.  I don’t think it does anything particularly flattering for her body.

Reese Witherspoon:  This dress made it to my bad list because its fit is absolutely terrible for Reese’s body.  You can see in the picture above, the unfortunate cup shape of the dress makes her busts look flat and the black paneling on the top half of her dress causes her waist to look a lot larger than what it really is.  Overall, this causes her body to look out of proportion.  The dress would have suited her much better had the black paneling been shapely extended down the sides of her dress, which would have instead appealingly accentuated her figure.  Her hair however looks fabulous. Dress by Louis Vuitton.

Kristen Stewart: This dress unfortunately makes Kristen look frumpy.  It doesn’t hug her body  well and there is too much going on with the floral lace teamed with the chiffon looking frill on the back.  Possibly the dress could have looked elegant with just the floral lace in a tighter fitted dress like Jessica Chastain’s dress.

Jennifer Garner:  This dress is really not my thing.  I dislike both the colour and the “seaweed” looking frills at the back.  The dress does not really show off her curves, and is particularly not so flattering for a smaller bust.  Possibly a more “corset” fitted top might have looked better. Dress by Gucci.

The worst of the worst…

Nancy O’Dell:  Whilst I think this dress fits her body well..I cant help but find the different tie-dyed blue to be tacky…I know I feel bad saying that..but I really dislike this dress!

Brandy Glanville:  I don’t think I can say anything positive about this dress..and believe me I have tried!  I know I know this year was the year for busts…but I think this just goes a bit too far.  Although revealing, the dress doesn’t make Brandy look sexy, but rather the dress just looks it is hanging off her nipples in a very unappealing way.  I greatly greatly dislike the carpet looking ruffle of the bottom of her dress…Just terrible…

So that concludes my thoughts on the best and worst dressed at the Oscars this year!  Let me know what you think!


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