Project 101: Hair Tales

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Every time I get my hair done I’ve been gushing over how awesome it was to have a hair dresser who gets you. How awesome? It was to the point were my old hair dresser Yuki would say, “Let’s go for something different this time” and me having total faith that it’ll turn out better than what I could have imaged. Yeah, that’s the stuff “awesome” is made out of in my hair dreams.

Well, I’ve been having a hair funeral for the lasted 3 months. Yuki, who I’ve been going to for over 4 years, has closed his salon Zero Three Hair Studio and I had no idea until I saw the “For Lease” sign outside his shop. Yuki! Where did you go?! (If anyone knows please tell me!)

Depression aside. I wanted to try something new with my hair colour and have, for the longest time, an unhealthy obsession with pink toned hair. So what did I do?

I am the proud owner of fabulous hair!  The truly amazing thing about this colour is that it’s sort of iridescent, it CHANGES in different light! For those who are wondering where I got it done, the salon is called Kayo Japanese Hair Salon


It’s pretty hard to describe the colour but if I could name it, it’ll be I guess “Macaron Wine” (?) I actually wanted it to be light pink however having dark hair with pre dyed blonde and copper doesn’t  allow me to do the transition in one visit (unless I like my hair to be the texture of dried hay). But I was assured that the dark rich colour will gradually change into pastel.

And did it! If there is one negative thing about having pastel hair is that it fades fast. My colour is four weeks old now and is going to the brownish stage which means I need a touch up stat!
But damn it! I love the colour so much and people have been complimenting me bout it so I think I’ll keep experimenting to get my perfect strawberry coloured hair.
What’s your ultimate hairdo?
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  1. Olivia Gumienny says

    I never knew there was Japanese style hairdressers! What do you think are the main differences between them and the regular, run of the mill type, hairdressers?
    I really like the image of you on the balcony – your hair looks cool!


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hi Olivia! Yes! There’s only a few here and there in the city but I went all the way to the suburbs to give this place a try since I know they can do pink toned hair (I googled before I went lol).

      I think the main difference is since there is a lot of competition in Japan’s cosmetics industry there’s always new products, new trends and technology being introduced. So if the hair salon regularly imports you’ll tend to get a high turn over of new products from whatever line they use etc. Also they always smell good lol.

      Hope that helps! :)

  2. Mica says

    Oh your hair looks awesome – I like the mix of colours! Shame your old hairdresser disappeared though :( But good you’ve found a new place to go :)

    Away From Blue

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hi Mica!

      Yes I was so upset! Thank goodness for the internet lol

      Thank you for stopping by <3

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