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Approximately a month ago I was sent a 28 day trial of Matcha Machine to review and share my experience.  But before I dive in to the good stuff, you’re probably thinking what exactly is Matcha Machine?  Well, it’s actually not a machine at all, but rather a two step program that aims to detox the body, increase energy levels and help you look and feel great.

How it works:

Matcha Machine relies on the natural benefits of green tea (matcha and sencha) but presents it in a powdered form, which means your body to absorbs the extra goodness it otherwise wouldn’t get by drinking loose leaf green tea.

Matcha and sencha powder contain very high levels of chlorophyll to aid in detoxification and 137x more antioxidants to help support your body’s natural repair systems.  On top of this there are no harmful additives – so your body absorbs only the good, natural stuff.

Sencha, matcha..aren’t they both the same thing?

Well…Yes and no. Both are made from green tea leaves, but the process in which they are grown and harvested differs.  This causes each to have it’s own unique benefits.

Matcha is grown in the shade and harvested by grounding the leaf only – the veins and stems are removed. As a result, Matcha has more caffeine and L-theanine (a natural relaxant) which generates a steady release of energy throughout the day so you get all the benefits of a caffeine hit without the “caffeine crash”.  That’s why it’s recommended to drink the matcha powder in the morning for all day energy and an increased metabolism.

Sencha is grown in the sun and harvested by grounding the whole leaf including the stems and veins.  The extra sunlight means more Catechins (antioxidants) can be found in the leaf.  With it’s abundance of antioxidants, it is recommended to take this powder in the late afternoon to detox and cleanse the impurities of the day away.


The Verdict


Ease of use

Matcha Machine is super easy to use.  All you need to do is mix half a teaspoon of powder with a couple of drops of water to form a paste.  When this is done, add the remaining water and stir. You can drink the tea hot or cold.

NB:  If you’re really lazy, you can simply pour the power in without mixing into a paste first, but it does not dissolve as well.

Health benefits

So how did Matcha Machine perform according the health benefits it claims?  Actually, pretty good.  I was genuinely surprised by how noticeable the benefits were:

Claimed Benefit 01 – Detoxes and cleanses the body:

I noticed a significant difference in how drinking Matcha Machine helped to detox and cleanse my body.  Albeit, the way I was able to tell the cleanse was working was through rather embarrassing means, but being the open person that I am, I’ll share it with you.

Before starting the Matcha Machine trial, I was experiencing a UTI. It wasn’t too severe, but it was getting worse by the day, so I had been frantically trying to flush it out with water and not succeeding. It was getting to a stage where I considered seeing a doctor, and around this time I had also decided to start my Matcha Machine trial. Upon drinking Matcha Machine, I instantly noticed an improvement in the condition and by the second day it was completely gone – I KID YOU NOT!  I was genuinely surprised, so I did some research and found out that green tea helps with bladder inflammation and considering its high levels in chlorophyll, I believe it’s increased ability to cleanse my body significantly helped to flush away my UTI.

Claimed Benefit 02 – Increase energy levels:

I noticed a significant increase in my energy levels from day one. Usually when I finish work, I’m completely drained, especially mentally.  I remember thinking to myself on the day I started the cleanse, “why do I have so much energy today?” Thinking through the possible reasons, the only thing I had changed on that day was that I started drinking Matcha Machine.

Claimed benefit 03 – Increase metabolism and aiding weight loss:

This was the only benefit I didn’t notice an improvement in during my 28 day trial.  Generally, I believe there is no quick fix to weight loss, so if you’re looking at Matcha Machine to be just that; a weight loss solution, you will be disappointed.  If, however, you are looking to include Matcha Machine as part of your weekly workout and healthy eating regime, then Matcha Machine’s health benefits will definitely help you in achieving your goal.

How well did it fit in with my lifestyle?

In honest truth, not very well at first.  I know that drinking something twice a day is not a very big ask, but for a person like me it CAN be.

In the mornings I’m usually rushing to work and I’m usually so absorbed in what I’m doing at work or in meetings, that I forget to take it in the mornings and in the afternoons.  It really took a conscious effort for me to remember, but after getting in the habit, it did become easier.

I would find Matcha Machine a lot easier to take daily if there was only one powdered packet that combined the goodness of both Matcha and Sencha.

The taste

One of the only things I disagree with in Matcha Machine’s advertising is that it describes the drink as delicious. Now I enjoy green tea and matcha flavour and I’m an avid green tea drinker in general, but I found the powder to be quite bitter – as expected of raw matcha/sencha.

For me personally it’s not the most delicious thing to drink.  Considering the benefits though, it’s worth the couple seconds of bitterness.

So what are you waiting for?  Start drinking!

You can find and order Matcha Machine here »

  1. Rina says

    First of all, that heart shaped cup of yours is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Where is it from? My hubby loves matcha. For some reason I’m not super keen on the taste. I’ve only tried one Matcha smoothie that I’ve ever liked but other I find it tastes really grassy.

    Rina Samantha

    1. The Hidden Thimble Team says

      That heart shaped cup is my absolute favourite! It was actually from a little homewares store close to where I live that is now closed down. But I found a similar one here, so you can probably find them online:

      There is definitely a strong herb-like taste with matcha and that taste is stronger the raw-er (Is that a word haha?) the matcha is!

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