Seoul Travels – Part 1

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Siree here!

Hope you all had a great Christmas full of festive cheer with good food and company! If you’re from Sydney I hope the weather didn’t spoil your fun! (It was raining non-stop in some areas. Woohoo…)

For those who didn’t know, back in late October I went to Seoul and Tokyo for a bit of a holiday. It was a busy three week long vacation which had some serious fun times! Ones that can not be told through pictures (though, to be honest, I rarely whipped out the camera this time around) but nevertheless memorable so I hope I can share some here on this blog with you (and also try to remember them!).

I have a feeling this is probably gonna be a travel blog entry all about food because that was pretty much all the photos I took on my trip to Seoul! Seriously, food in Seoul is just on another level of deliciousness and looks stunning through the lens even if you just have a phone on hand.

Food obsession? Seoul can do that.

*FYI If you haven’t eaten anything yet grab a snack because this post is gonna make you feel hunger pains.*

Every day’s dilemma and delight lol

Going to any foreign country, something simple like finding a good place to eat can be just another struggle in the day’s events so hopefully this post will give you some more suggestions about where and what you can eat in South Korea.

Bay of Asan
Before going to Seoul I visited my friend’s hometown and took a day trip to Bay of Asan. It’s popular for fresh hwal-eo hweh (raw Korean style sashimi) and hiking! There’s a small port area near the main road strip that docks a fleet of fishing boats where you can order from the Ajimas your selection of seafood and they prepare it on the spot.
Fresh hwal-eo hweh. The fish used here is chewier and tastes great with all the dipping sauces.
Our fresh hwal-eo hweh we took to the restaurant. The fish ordered here was a type of blackfish that reminded me of Luderick and is chewy but I like it! I went a bit nuts with the dipping sauces and discovered combining all three  (wasabi, chogochujang and ssamjang) together for maximum taste :D Oh, and don’t think they just throw the scraps away as well! They make it into this delicious soup!
Autumn is the time for persimmons and apples in Seoul but no expensive strawberries to be found!  I miss you so  :(
Helping a local Ajima and Ajusshi catch crabs and collecting small shellfish on the beach. They seemed pretty impressed with my catching skills considering I was using my bare hands instead of gloves. The trick is to pick them up from their butts and not the front where their nippers are ehehe :) These little guys were fun to catch!
Gwangjang Market 
When in Seoul, in an unexpected venture we went to Gwangjang Market in the Dongdaemun district. If you’re a foodie this market is the best place for some freshly made grub. From seafood to banchan this place is a foodie’s heaven and the energy from the crowds of people is an experience worth visiting for. If you don’t like crowds I suggest you give this a skip during busy peak hours.
Bibimbap stall. Look at all the different banchan!!
Handmade mung bean pancake (bindaetteok) is famous in this market.
This place is BIG so you’ll always find something interesting on display. If you are weary about ordering, some of the Ajimas know a bit of English since a lot of tourists come past but ordering can be as simple as pointing and indicating how many you want using your finger maths. Also, as with all markets, the food is cheaper than a restaurant making pigging out affordable. Also, if it fits into your plans you can walk to Dongdaemun which is around 15-30 minutes away.
I’m sure you can’t take anymore food porn so I’ll save the rest for Part 2 where I’ll talk more about Halloween in Everland, rain fail and my pumpkin salad addiction.

How can you get to Gwangjang Market?

Go to Jongno 5-ga Station on Subway Line 1, Exit 8 or Euljiro 4-ga Station Subway line 2 or 5, Exit 4.


  • This place opens until 10pm at night so if you want to visit Dongdaemun at night for the crazy bargain shopping you can eat here first and walk down to Dongdaemun or taking the subway is four stops away.
  • Gwangjang Market is a good place for vegetarians because they have many stalls that have ingredients that are vegetable based like the mung bean pancake (bindaetteok) and bibimbap banchan.
  • As long as you order something from the stall you can sit and eat with outside food.
  • You can also order soju at most food stalls.

Until next time!




  1. fdchief218 says

    Great travelogue, Siree; you’re right, I got hungry just reading it. Thanks for the tour!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      No problem John!

      Glad you liked the post! Looking back on these food memories makes me painfully hungry again too haha



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