Seoul Travels – Part 2

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Siree here! Here’s another collection of photos I wanted to post about Seoul since Part 1.

Despite the majority of the photos I took of all the food I was constantly eating or buried face deep in a bowl of Baskin-Robbins, I also visited some friends – both old and new, and much of the time was spent in coffee shops chatting.


Just a taste of how I spent my 10 days.

Although I spent most of my time in Seoul, I was lucky to go to see the countryside of S. Korea that was different from Jeonju.

I don’t think it is possible to understand how I enjoy the city. I was born a city girl so the quietness of the suburbs is something I’m not used to. I would always joke that if I didn’t hear a car crash at night I can’t sleep haha. But something I have grown to appreciate that the city lacks is the presence of nature. Not a city park kind, but the charms of the countryside and the kind of moments that I could capture on my phone like these:



The agriculture area that grew lots of sesame seeds. Supposedly this area was famous for sesame seed oil production.


Just beyond was a large pond where you could do some fishing!


The jetty area I thought reminded me of the romantic scenes in drama stories but my friend said it reminded her about the horror films where people would conduct murders or part of the scene that depicted a mother’s sorrow. I was freakn out haha

4In the countryside, you could find a lot of vegetables growing on the side of the walk path leading to a house. Even in the city area!

It was also the first time I saw how big an eggplant could grow.


Seriously, this thing was just growing on the side of the road!! I knew vegetables could grow big but when it’s organic like this, it’s hard to believe it could grow to such a size (or maybe it’s just my ignorance…?). Hmmm… :S

I only stayed in the countryside for three days before going to the big city were Halloween was just around the corner. Although this holiday is still new in Asia I knew Halloween is crazy in Japan. So many decorations, themed food and randoms dressing up (even weeks before the holidays itself!) I wanted to feel something of the spooky kind and knew Everland had Halloween Horror Night Events to get my fix!




The kindy kids are so damn cute in their matching pumpkin outfits!!

It was a meh-ok experience from last time. I’ve come to decide I enjoy Lotte World more since I’m a roller coster ride sort of girl. I likes it when theme parks have great fast rides and are on decoration steroids.  I dunno if it’s because we went on the last day where everything was just not as festival. No dressed up mascots walking around everywhere except a one chance encounter with 4 dressed up characters for the Halloween Maze who disappeared just as fast as they appeared. The Halloween themed souvenirs were pretty much all packed away in the gift shop and no special halloween food to be found. ALSO! All those special cool looking Halloween themed attractions like the Horror Maze was an extra 5,000 Won per ride that made you wait in line for 60 mins. I pay the full entry fee and on top have to pay extra for these?! Err no thanks. It was a bit lackluster and the decorations were sparing especially in Horror Village. It was a constant reminder that it’s still a place targeting for the children demographic even though there are many things for adults and teens to do. Not necessarily a bad thing. I would hate to see little children cry because of all the scary things popping out at them but alas, sigh… well at least I got to see some cool pumpkin displays everywhere. Also, to my dismay, my friend didn’t like theme parks or roller coasters, so most of the time I was by myself on rides… ALONE. Incredibly bor-ing!

Despite my whining here, there were some highlights like the parades.




Magic costume change, tadah!


 Caught some freebies from the parade. Win!

Another cool thing I really wanted to check out was the Hongdae Free Market where artists gather each weekend (not during the Winter months) to show and sell their handmade artworks, crafts and accessories. It’s a celebration of all things artsy and even has open-air mini concerts and workshop events! It sounded awesome! Oh, “sounded”? Yes you read that right  because when it came to be Saturday, it started raining. RAINING! And I only had that one weekend before flying off to Tokyo. Why must you rain now?! Oh well, at least there’s Style Nanda’s flagship store and coffee shops to keep me from being a sour bitch that day haha :D

For some reason Seoul decided to have random cases of rainfall so I visited the newly built Time Square Shopping Center and man is it BIG! It felt like as you walked along the corridor of shops it kept on going, and going. It kept on going till I found an E-Mart and went crazy with food samples galore. Forget Homeplus. E-Mart-it all the way! I couldn’t believe the variety of food I saw in there. It also lead me to my new addiction…
If you have ever tried Korean style pumpkin salad, it is the shiz! I could not get enough of this when I was dining out and then I saw this 1kg packet for $7 I was so happy to have this in my life I bought it without a second thought before realizing, how the heck am I going to eat all this?! The inner piggy in me had no problem devouring this for breakfast and lunch on the way to the airport to Tokyo and now back in Sydney, I miss it incredibly!
If you are wondering about a great Westerner style food experience in S. Korea, the franchise chain Seven Springs has some delicious homemade food that is also for the health conscious. Their salad buffet has some gorgeously prepared foods and everything is so fresh! I didn’t even find an ugly looking lettuce leaf in the bunch! I wish we had this kind of buffet franchise in Sydney since buffets are hard to come by unless you go to a hotel or RSL.
PicsArt_1391918768201And that’s it for the Seoul edition! Stay tuned for Tokyo!  :D
Until next time!


  1. FDChief says

    Another wonderful travelogue, Siree. I love getting to see Korea through your eyes. Thanks for this, and I’m looking forward to “Siree’s Tokyo”!

  2. Rebecca says

    What an incredible place! Love the beautiful countryside photos! So much beauty! Those decorated pumpkins were pretty cool too! You look fantastic hanging out with your friends! :)


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Rebecca! I’m glad you like the photos! I’ll try my best to share more awesome memories in the next round of travelogues ;)


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