Siree’s July Favourites

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Hey you! Siree here.

Wow, we are killing it with the recent posts lately! Snaps for us and rejoice because it might be that we can do posts like Favourites of the Month, and it might actually not be too late to be redundant.

So BAM! The satisfying things of July in digest form. Evaluated, than reevaluated. Begin!




My first real home ware purchase for myself has been the much hyped Nutribullet which has been on market for a while in the States I believe but has been making the rounds here in Australia on infomercials recently. If you like juicing but feel guilty about the fiber goodness that gets left behind, what the Nutribullet does that’s different from blenders is it liquifies the fibers so you get a smoother juice without large chucks that makes drinking the added pulp unappetizing.

At first, it was a bit hard to figure out how to use it. I found out from some research that you have to fit the notches in a certain way for it to blend and you also have to get the right mix of liquid and food so it doesn’t overflow. But after you master the basics of mass-to-liquid ratio you definitely have fun making your our juice, soup, dips etc the list goes on!



I don’t know many people who own a humidifier but it’s definitely became a winter staple of mine like the heater for the colder months. This one even lights up and tones down to simulate “breathing” to make you stay super relaxed! I’m still figuring out what black magic is used for the steam to come out with no heat. Hmm…



The height. The shape. The chunkiness.


 Fujifilm X-T1


To quote from the Steve Jobs slogan guide to language, this has to be the funnest camera I have ever used!

It’s not big like a DSLR but handles just like one and the retro look is gorgeous but also isn’t just for show. The dials for the shutter speed and ISO will make you read up on your basic photography 101 because holy cow, I thought I was alright with figuring out this shiz but I was wrong OTZ.


Attack on Titan


I love watching anime though curse my life, I haven’t watched anything for a while.

If you haven’t heard of the anime/manga phenomenon Attack On Titan, you should give it a try. SERIOUSLY. WATCH. IT. Think Occupy movement meets the fickle benevolence of humanity mixed with stream punk aestheticism.

Oh, and there’s plenty of disembodiment by eating happening. Hand and legs are begin chomped off like they’re chips! Is it weird that I secretly appreciate that they uncensored this? I feel so sheltered since my gore tolerance in live action is non-existent but watching it animated, I feel a different appreciation for violence as “art”. I don’t see it as dehumanizing the issue, but it allows me to endure the action’s meaning while giving me the shock value, mildly.

It’s become so popular, they’re also making a live action film and looking at the makeup SFX used in the Subaru Ad, I am convinced that the live action drama will be upgraded to…titan AWESOME! Especially now that I am happily Kiko Mizuhara obsessed courtesy of M. Curse you good lookin’!


An assortment of gold jewelry I’ve been wearing a lot lately. A statement piece for each hand or finger.



I’ve made it become a “thing” to eat all possible breakfast items in board form as a bide to emulate Kei Yamazaki’s breakfast charm from her Instagram. Needless to say, I need more practice to recreate the perfect breakfast anatomy.

My mission for perfect deconstructed open sandwiches and antipasto platters is borderline diet failure as the idea of sneaking a waffle to replace the bread has become my pledge to being health conscious… because it’s healthy for my soul…


I’ve been rediscovering the scrapbook sampling sounds of some great Aussie beat masters and Ta-Ku’s D.U.S.T.Y Volume 1 tape has been left me blissfully cruising my workload for the last month in a haze dance trance.

It’s seriously a great collection of good beats and vibes that run in each track – I find myself hooked to each sound! 

Until next time,

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