2 cents: Roadtrip Date Survival

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So girls and guys, let’s talk.  We haven’t really done this in a while!

If you don’t know, I’m dating someone new and I’d say it’s going pretty well.  Things are still quite early though, but the balance feels right.  Yeah.

Some weekends ago he initiated we go on a short weekend trip together.  I was excited and nervous!  Our first trip away together, what if we get annoyed at each other?  What if we fight?  What if we have nothing to talk about during the drive there?!?

Never fear, Talyssa is here. Sometimes my over-thinking and naturally anxious brain does me some good.  Let me tell you my tips on how we survived:


This was actually a really cute accident.  The boy and I decided to get together one night about a week before our trip, to talk about where we wanted to go together.  We ended up choosing a destination, looked at hotels to stay in, places to eat and activities to do.   Separately in our own time, we narrowed down these lists to the things we really wanted to do over the trip.  We came back together a couple of days later, compared our choices (surprisingly most were the same!) and made a final plan together.

Our Destination….


Final Itinerary….

Attractions – 1. Bald Hill 2. Sea Cliff Bridge – Lawrence Hargrave drive 3. Austinmer beach 4. Science Centre and Planetarium 5. Nan Tien Temple 6. Illawarra Golf Complex 7. Historic Lighthouse Wollongong 8. Hangdog Climbing Gym 9. Flip Out Trampoline Arena 10. Mt Keira lookout Wollongong

Places to Eat – Diggies, C Grill, The Mango Tree, My Pantry, Lee and Me

The Resting Place….

We stayed at the Comfort Inn. This was really great, affordable accommodation. 100% recommend it!

Planning our trip out was great for a number of reasons – we always had something to do, we were never bored, and having a plan in advance took off a lot of pressure during the trip – we never had to think “What should be do now?” or  “Where should we eat tonight?” We already knew.


I can’t help it.  I am socially awkward.  To make things worse, I think about my social awkwardness whilst I’m experiencing socially awkward moments and it’s just a downward spiral.  So you can imagine, the thought of being alone with a newly significant other (SO) for an extended period of time, such as driving in the car, set my social awkwardness radar on high alert.

The solution:  Have some tricks up your sleeve to pull out during your alone time.

Alone in the car:

  1. Make a road trip playlist with both of your favourite songs.  Let’s face it,there’s no way you can be expected to constantly talk to your SO for the entire drive to your destination.  So let your favourite tunes fill up the silence when you don’t particularly feel like talking.
  2. Plan games to play in the car.  Don’t worry about how lame “Eye spy with my little eye” is, just whip it out.  We did!  We had tonnes of fun playing word associations and asking eachother random questions.  Here’s some fun and easy game options:

Word Association: Rain > Clouds > Lightning > Harry Potter.  Each person takes turns in saying a word that is somehow associated to the previous word. The person who can’t think of another association, or repeats a word already said, loses.

Road trip Questionnaire:  I found this idea from the awesome site that is The Dating Divas.  Think of 50 questions you and your significant other have to answer then compare your answers.

Would you rather?:  The crazier the questions, the better.  Here’s a little something to get your started:  “Would you rather chew on a stranger’s dirty toenail clipping, or re-chew sometimes deposited chewing gum that has been stuck under a public train seat?”

The Worst of Everything: Take turns asked and comparing your answers to various “What is the worst” questions.  E.g.  What is the worst song at the moment? What is the worst sport to watch on TV? Answer: Cricket. Obviously

Most importantly, don’t be afraid of some silence.  Comfortable silence with your SO is nothing but a good sign.  So go on, take a nap, read a book, or stare out the window absorbed in your own thoughts – I certainly did :)

Alone in the hotel:

We actually didn’t have time to do many of these because we were having too much fun!

  • Have a bath – make it special with essential oils, scented candles, bath bombs, rose petals, face masks.
  • Give each other a personalised spa treatment. – what more could you ask for?  Give each other a massage with massage oils and do facial together!  And trust me, guys love this stuff too even if they don’t want to admit it.
  • Watch a movie – I had bought my hard-drive along and stocked it up with movies, whilst the boy bought his laptop and projector.
  • Use this time to sleep, cuddle and have deep conversations with your significant other.


Out of the extensive list planned above, we actually only managed to visit:

Bald Hill Lookout and Sea Cliff bridge


Science and Planetarium complex and Illawara Golf Complex

Illawarra Golf Complex.  I’ll have you know I won with me finishing the course in 59 holes and the boy finishing the course in 62 holes :D

Hangdog climbing Gym and ate at The Mango Tree and Diggies

3 Beetroot Salad with Feta, Smoked Salmon and Poached egg at Diggies.

Being flexible and not having a strict agenda made the whole trip extremely enjoyable – we did a lot, but took our time to relax, explore and have fun along the way.

In fact one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip happened because we decided to be adventurous and stray from the plan.  As we were driving to our next destination after finishing up our game of mini golf, we spotted a really beautiful view and decided to take a look.   It was a giant lake, framed by mountains and alive with sea birds – including pelicans!!  A bonus was that it was so quiet and secluded.  We just lay here on the grass, relaxed, cuddled, talked and took funny photos.  It was just so nice!! 






This means even when you’re feeling angry, upset, sick or tired.  Smile, be happy and let go of the little things.

The night before leaving the boy and I had a bit too much happy soda…and boy did we suffer! All that night and the next morning I was throwing up.  The boy even offered we stay home because I was so sick. Never!!!!  I persisted!! We were doing this trip!!  Unfortunately the sickness lasted until early evening that day.  Just as I was feeling better, the boy was starting to feel sick and was developing a really bad cold :(  Despite my constant nausea and throwing up, and his sniffles, sore throat, fuzzy head and feeling all round terrible we were both happy, had fun, didn’t lose patience with each other and just had a really great time.


Not excessively, but this is your special time together and you don’t get to do it all the time.  So eat at one of those expensive restaurants you have your eye on, do that activity that costs a little bit out of your means, and pay to watch all the special shows at whatever exhibition you find yourself at.  Make it special and your trip too will be special.


Well guys, that’s all for me.  I had an absolutely fantastic trip – looking back I don’t know why I even had worries in the first place!  It was such a great trip, I didn’t want to leave haha!


  1. Maggie Dallospedale says

    Hi sweetie
    What amazing road trip
    Love your pictures
    Kisses and have an awesome weekend
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks so much Maggie!

  2. Florence says

    Great tips! And I love the pictures, seems like you had an awesome time :)

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Florence!! I had an amazing time!

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