FML: A Gypsy Calling

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Dress: Lady Luna – Blue Rhythm Dress | Rings: Wanderlust + Co | Shoes: Aldo
Rings from Wanderlust + Co (from left to right): V Bar Double Chain Ring | Multi-Tri Rose Gold Ring | Orbit and Stud Rose Gold Ring


Gypsy Magic

I’ve always been a boho fan, but gypsy vibes are a new thing I’m loving.  I can’t help but want to be a magical, luna, gypsy, beach goddess alright!

I don’t know if you have noticed,  but lately we’ve been kinda obsessed with Instagram. And thankfully so, because I happened to stumble across Lady Luna, an online fashion store based in Sydney with some serious boho and gypsy vibes.

One thing that always crosses my mind when I stumble across a store on social media is one question; “if I buy from this store, what kind of quality clothing am I going to receive?”  I’ve bought from a few online stores widely advertised on social media and have been somewhat disappointed with my purchase.  All too often the pieces are made from cheap materials, messy sewing and/or an awkward fit – you know the drill.

You can rest assured with Lady Luna.  The material for this dress in particular is delicate, non-itchy – in fact it feels really luxurious and soft, of a high quality and well sewn.  On top of that, the dress is well lined over the important areas (bust and skirt), which is especially great because there’s nothing worse than buying a see-through dress and having to find the perfect bra and slip to wear underneath it.  Being able to throw this on with no worries is definitely a big bonus!

The only negative with me was with the make of this dress. I found I couldn’t lift my arms up too high past my shoulders without threatening to tear the dress. Not too sure if this was an error on my behalf and reading sizing guides wrong.  Regardless I love this dress to bits, so this small negative really doesn’t stop be from wearing it.

A shout out to Wanderlust  + Co, my new obsession for magical gypsy jewellery.  Can’t wait to add more rings to my collection.  Oh, and if you’re always worried about rings never fitting your finger (like me) , Wanderlust’s rings come in different sizes.  Sizes are super accurate as well, so you’re always  bound to find a ring that fits!


  1. FDChief says

    You’re right; this dress IS lovely, Talyssa! And the jewelry accents it perfectly, right down to the shiny ankle-straps on your sandals.

    You picked a lovely site for your shoot, too; the natural greens and browns bring out the color of the dress perfectly. Where is your location, if you don’t mind telling..?

  2. fdchief says

    You’re right, that is a terrific little hideaway, especially tucked inside busy urban Sydney.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that one thing I thought that really helps make your look work here is the rich dark polish on your nails. A lighter shade would have made the pastel colors look pallid. But the dark magenta works perfectly. Did you do your nails yourself, or do you have a go-to salon that does your mani/pedi for you..?

    1. Talyssa says

      Yes! I did the hands myself, though I got a pedi on my feet haha :D

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