FML: Sunday Morning + Giveaway

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// Chiffon Dress c/o Sammy Dress //

I’m not sure my brain has this thing called “judgement” over my state of being sometimes and that goes to say, it affects my state of dress.


Lately to be honest, I’m getting so damn lazy that my urge to dress myself in daily wear is to cover in at least one layer of heat tech wear (thank god you arrived to Sydney Uniqlo!) and some decent pant attire in my very limited long pant leg collection – but my mind won’t have that kind of rubbish talk!


So like the jumper dress, the playsuit, and the…. onesie (?) you need that go-to item on the run that’s simple and decent enough for your brain to follow and agree that you now have the “OK” to go outside and walk around on your lazy day without being a complete slob.


So logic made me pick this cute versatile dress from Sammy Dress because, I love cheating on my clothes choices:


– An eye-catching pattern print that makes it look interesting – check.
– Cuff lining that made it look like you put some extra thought into your style choice today – pfft it sure does!
– The kind of dress that will go well with a pair of heels or some chucks – I’d say so.


This dress actually isn’t pricey at all. From $16.87 to now $10.86, it’s a bargain!


And looking at Sammy Dress‘s selection, there was a a lot of variety to choose from but this one caught my eye when I saw it.


And now the jump from dream to reality with this comparison shot…


My how I love how skinny my waist looks in this dress *snicker.* Seriously guys, no PS here.

I was surprised that the cut was more fitted than advertised but I guess I do have a more “curvier” body than the model… (✌゚∀゚)


For some reason the cut at the bottom is slightly higher on one side and looks like it wasn’t cut straight when made. But when worn it wasn’t obvious. I wonder if you can see it?


Another point that made me disappointed was the cuffs on the sleeves. I mean… look at them!!!
This wasn’t in the photo on the site!
Look at that contrast! It’s what makes the look interesting and more believable as faux cuffs.
Now look at my photo:
As you can see, the cut of the cuff is visible through the chiffon (which was suppose to be a different material if I’m not mistaken) if you look hard enough in the right place which “cheapens” the quality. Overlocking is a standard sewing technique people! It doesn’t cost an extra arm and a leg to overlock a seam…


And since it’s just an extension of the original fabric and not a separate part sewn on, you can’t roll up your sleeve in hopes of hiding the first layer.


Final Thoughts?


Hmm this dress from Sammy Dress was alright. It’s a good dress to wear underneath a jacket and maybe casual Fridays at work but certainly the thing that disappointment me was the expectation. Buying from a warehouse type of online store is definitely cheap but the problem was the advertised photo not matching the product in quality for me.


So would I buy from Sammy Dress in the future, for clothes I want to wear out – no. But if I needed an outfit for a fancy dress party – yes.



Finally – it’s giveaway time!


We’re giving away this dress for free-the-bees free. So either comment in the blog comment box below or like and comment “win” on our Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win. Good Luck!

Until next time!


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