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Being in Seoul, probably one of the most recognized, if not hottest place in the world right now is….

Yep! Gangnam is everywhere now, but unfortunately for us it didn’t come out while we were still overseas*sadface*. But it’s not just a street or a small district in the city’s landscape like I originally thought. It’s actually quite a big area with 22 other neighbourhoods including Apgujeong, Sinsa and Garosugil.

After spending much of the daytime visiting idol headquarters (anyone like Kpop?), we headed to Garosugil after getting off at Apgujeong to find this one elusive bubble tea shop to the Stars called Cofioca. I’ll let Talyssa tell the story but do not get off at the Apgujeong Station as it will take you to Plastic Surgery Street and not Rodeo Street, which is 30 minutes walk the opposite direction… Oh crap how painful! So to fight our disappointment (and the cold) we went to Garosugil. Lucky for us this single street, though not a very big road, was waaaay more easier to find than some small obscure little shop in a little unknown lane way.

Garosugil at night… in winter

Along Garosugil’s boutique streets, styles range from being feminine and flowy, with lots of handmade accessory shops selling flower hairbands and cute bows, to vintage and quirky-artsy with a few rare second hand shops and graphic goods stores. Since we went to Seoul during winter we didn’t get the lovely “European” vibe that Garousigil gives off when the street ginkgo trees have their leaves on but spending time walking through the streets, browsing at cute boutiques and passing the many cozy cafes and jazz bars, it’s definitely an ‘inspired Europe experience’ and of course a place were you can expect to find the Gangnam stylish crowd at (Oppa gangnam style!).

Home of too many cute cafes and galleries. My kind of place <3
I didn’t take many pictures of shops since I wasn’t in “blogger” mode so here’s a teddy bear instead :)
Chicken heaven Mmmm

I swear, Koreans can make chicken taste like heaven on a stick.

Probs one of the best korean chicken experiences of my life, if you know who Se7en is, his chicken restaurant is near the beginning of the street. Se7en’s music was probably my first introduction to Kpop other than BoA and Rain(Bi) when I was in high school. Besides the fact that I didn’t continue to listen to his music after Crazy… because I went on being Rain bias… I never thought celebrity chicken could taste sooo freakin good! Definitely give it a try and watch out for the chilli. It burns at level 1!!

Se7en’s Chicken Restaurant
Other famous people who have visited his restaurant

After some walking around we went to Ginkgo Avenue (very appropriately name), a café that had a view of the street below. It was freezing cold, so natural we sat inside but close enough to the window to watch the street while sipping a chamomile teapot for two for ₩6,000.

Ginkgo Avenue Cafe

Like my artsy shots?

Lights out for now!

Need a Map?

Wanna get to Garosugil?

Take the train on Line 3 to Sinsa Station and exit at Exit 8, then walk 15 minutes. There’ll be a sign that reads “Garosu-gil” in English.

Spending Time:

If you are just browsing through, I would say 3 hours to eat, look and light shopping. Add more if you are going into galleries and nightlife activities.


  • Garosugil also is home to some second hand vintage stores like 9 Owls that are located off the main road. Check them out if you’re into unique vintage goods.
  • Keep in mind that since Garosugil is in the Sinsadong area, things can be either of average to expensive prices for clothing and activities.


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