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The Picnic Burwood

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The Verdict

Located in Burwood Park, The Picnic Burwood is the perfect place for a picnic at any time of the year!  Whether you're looking to grab a blanket and set up somewhere in the middle of the park, or enjoy the open-air cafe (kept perfectly warm in winter, might I add), The Picnic has everything you're looking for in a beautiful and scrumptious breakfast, brunch, lunch and drinks!

  • Setting & Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Value for money

Setting and Atmosphere

The Picnic Burwood

The Picnic BurwoodThe Picnic Burwood

I love the way The Picnic is set up and decorated.  The tables and chairs are so cute, reminiscent of white picked fences with splashes of colour from cushions, crockery and of course the vibrant presentation of food and drinks.

I was a bit worried coming here in the heart of winter, especially since it was a cold day, but The Picnic had it all sorted.  The breeze was kept out under the cafe’s kiosk, heaters were set up to keep the place comfortably warm, and if you were still feeling an extra chill each table comes complete with blankets to keep you warm.

Lastly, in the morning we ate, the place turned over 300 customers during the time we were there, but you would have never have known it.  With The picnic’s new app, crowds are effortlessly managed. Never did we once feel the place was overcrowded, too noisy or unpleasant, making this experience here a standout compared to other similar place like The Grounds of Alexandria.

The Picnic BurwoodThe Picnic Burwood


The Picnic Burwood

The best thing about The Picnic is the selection of unique options for breakfast and brunch, and I think I have discovered one of my all time favourite breakfasts after dining here – The Picnic’s Summer Eggs.

Now, this dish combined a few of my favourite things, cured meats with fruit (in this case pear) pecorino, truffle oil and quince labneh.  As you can imagine, a little bit of everything in one mouthful was delightful and definitely my kind of breakfast.

The Picnic Burwood
Summer Eggs | Dukkah poached eggs, jamon serrano, pear, shaved pecorino, drizzled with truffle oil & quince labneh on sourdough –  ($19.50)

The Picnic Burwood

The Picnic Burwood
The Picnic Burwood
Not so French | Coco pop coated French toast with watermelon, dulce de leche, berry reduction, fresh berries, Persian fairy floss & pistachios – $18.50

The Picnic Burwood

Next, I was really surprised by the Not So French, French Toast.  I was expecting this dish to be overly indulgent when the description read “Coco pop coated French Toast” but surprisingly, I loved this dish.  It was decadent, but not too overly sweet which meant you could eat all of it.  The watermelon was a great accompaniment to this dish because it helped to cut through the sweetness and add a little bit of freshness so the dish wasn’t so heavy.  I wasn’t a fan of eating fairy floss first thing in the morning, but it helped make the dish look spectacular when it hit the table, so I’m glad it was there.

The Picnic Burwood

The Picnic Burwood
Salmon Garden | Beetroot cured Tasmanian salmon, soft boiled egg, fennel, roquette, watermelon & bocconcini pearls on sourdough

The Salmon Garden was a nice breakfast, but wasn’t a highlight.   If you’re looking for a dish that’s simple in its flavours, this dish makes a good choice.  One thing I did love was how generous they were with the salmon!  I was all salmon-ed out by the end of eating this one!  Overall, I was disappointed with in this dish because I was really looking forward to tasting the beetroot cured salon, but unfortunately I couldn’t quite taste the beetroot flavour in the salmon..

Oh – and one must do mention. Get the Red Velvet Cupcake Hot Chocolate.  Don’t ask, just do.  This hot chocolate was amazing from it’s looks to it’s taste.  How can something be so incredibly decadent looking and yet so incredibly moreish. That’s right it was moreish!  The hot chocolate was perfect in it’s taste – not too sweet or rich, so I could drink every last drop without feeling sick!

The Picnic Burwood
Red Velvet Cupcake Hot Chocolate | $12
The Picnic Burwood
A close up on the goodness!


The service at The Picnic Burwood was fantastic.  This place has received some bad reviews in the past regarding it’s service, but one thing I love to see is when a business takes feedback on constructively and does something about it.

Let’s face it, this place is busy as heck, so it’s not wonder it was difficult for The Picnic to manage crowds.   This is where The Picnic’s new app comes in.  Once you arrive, your name is taken down and you go into a wait list.  When your table is free, you will be sent an sms to notify you that your table awaits.  The result, a non chaotic or overly loud dining experience!

As well as this the staff were really friendly, with our waiter recommending my favourite dish of the day – Summer Eggs.

Pricing and Value for Money

Okay, so each meal here is on the pricey side for brunch BUT, considering what you get, I believe it’s well worth it!  Great for a brunch date with the girls.

The Details

Where: Burwood Rd & Park Ave, Burwood NSW 2134

Contact: (02) 9745 1034

Opening Hours:

Tues – Sun: 8am – 4pm

Please note:  This was an invited event  I attended with ningjaeats.

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