GTFO – Greatly Terrific Food Outing: Lot.1 Sydney

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My, my my, you guys are in for a treat!  Swanky and sophisticated Lot.1 has unveiled the first of a three level establishment – a lush cafe – with soon to come, 2 underground bars and a restaurant.  Boasting to be Sydney’s newest addiction, nothing says sophistication, affluence and opulence like a 3 level development and a capacity of 400 people!


Setting and Atmosphere


Stepping inside Lot. 1, you can’t help but feel a little bit special.  Maybe it’s the heritage sandstone, or the way the the liquor bottles stand illuminated against the back wall of the bar.  Maybe it’s the friendly waitstaff, the charismatic chefs, or maybe, just maybe it’s the suspended timber spiral feature with purple backlighting.  Yep, it’s definitely the timber spiral feature with purple backlighting.

The best thing about Lot. 1 is the space.  Tables are well spread out, helping the dining experience to feel all that more private.  Naturally, a sophisticated cafe, attracts a sophisticated bunch of people, and in saying sophisticated I don’t mean snobbish (Ivy), I mean well mannered and pleasant – definitely the kind you don’t mind sharing your dining space with.



La Gallina, Lot. 1
La Gallina – Organic chicken, beans, dried tomatoes, puffed rice, lemon olive oil | $15
Panza - Lot. 1
Panza – Heirloom tomatoes, crunchy bread, cucumber, bocconcini, basil | $12
Cassarecce - Lot.1
Cassarecce – spicy pork cheek (guanciale) sugo | $15
Polenta Chips Lot. 1
Polenta Chips | $5

Oh my gosh, I tasted flavours here that I never imagined existed.  Let’s start with the hero and my favourite dish of the day, La Gallina.  This glorified chicken salad was amazing, it was clever, well textured and one of those dishes where you combine everything together and suddenly, you believe in magic again, because that’s what the flavours taste like.  Perfection on your tastebuds.  If the whole review was based on this dish alone, I would have rated it 5 stars!

Second on my list of amazingness were the polenta chips!  Now these were special – crispy, yet feather light on the palette.  I haven’t tried anything more “moreish” in fact, I’m craving right now.  And was it just me, or did I taste a subtle hint of truffle oil?

The Cassarecce tasted great, my only disappointment with this dish was in reading “pork cheek” on the menu.  I was expecting large, tender chunks of pork intermingled with my pasta, but unfortunately we received small chewy pieces of meat.  Not a big deal though, just not what I expected.

The Panza was simple in its taste.  Whilst a good accompaniment to the other flavoursome dishes we ordered, for me this dish was a little lacklustre.

As with all good restaurants, tread carefully below – these deserts are irresistible!



Rating: ★★★★★

The staff here were super friendly and made the whole experience well worth it.  The food was prompt and the waitstaff took their time to explain the dishes to us and even recommend their favourites.  The highlight of my experience at Lot. 1 was talking to chef Grant Croft.  Besides being super friendly, it was great to talk to him about his inspiration behind my favourite dish of the day “La Gallina” and the different techniques he tried in order to create a perfectly balanced dish.

Pricing and Value for Money

Rating: ★★★

Considering the sophisticated and indulgent vibes of Lot. 1, pricing is surprisingly reasonable.  Yes portion sizes are on the small side where mains are concerned, but these dishes are created to share, tapas style.  With 3 dishes plus a side serving of polenta chips between us, myself and @ningjaeats were full, leaving with two take away boxes between us!

The Details

Where: 18 – 20 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


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