How to Stack Rings

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Left to Right:  Nasty Gal //  Bagazimuri & In God We Trust // THPSHOP // Overseas (Korea)

The Anatomy of the Stack

I might not be the best at cleaning, or the best at organizing, but give me some miscellaneous items to throw in a bag or box and I’m a hero. If you have worked/work in a grocery store and received a compliment from a customer about how well you packed their bags, you know that your OCD skills have been upgraded to “genius” rewarding every control freak with the sweet victory of satisfaction.

Jenga, Tetris and Dr. Mario, I owe you my thanks to master the art of the stack.

A method? Or a loose set of rules?

The “way” of ring stacking is not a strict science but a handy guide that will get you to pro in no time.

The “basic” set up for stack perfection is mastering the tower effect on your fingers with your ring collection. Buying already made ring sets are fine, but if you are building from scratch you might want to plan your set before purchasing a bunch of rings.

Try to figure out where you want to have your midi rings, your cluster, your bands if you like something with more body, how many skinny bands you will need and so on.  It’ll save you a lot of money in the end.

When you stack your rings high, you’ll probably feel like your fingers get compressed from piano fingers to chubby short stacks (haha get it?).

Never fear, you can use a few tricks to try and mask the impression of short fingers by using more thin bands in your combo or simply paint your nails a nude/light pink shade to make your fingers appear longer.


Left to Right:  THPSHOP // In God We Trust // Overseas (Korea)

Everyday Simple

An easy go-to stack look that will go with everything you wear, the everyday chic vibe is the most versatile combo in your arsenal and also the best to invest in.

If you can afford it, go with quality over quantity especially if you are into gold tones as they’ll look more elegant on your dainty fingers day and night.


Up to Down:  Whistles // Overseas (Korea) // Bagazimuri // Overseas (Japan)

Pastel Dream

If you like to play with colour adding different stones, beads or costume designs can work in any stack.

First, start off with a theme and try to find complimentary shades or shapes to create a cohesive set.

Try to not overkill on your theme and keep things simple.


How do you stack your rings?


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