Zimmermann Resort Collection: Review & Preview

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Resort in the City

Look at these stunning visions of beauty above!

The follow are some of my favourite pieces I love from the Resort 2015/16 Collection that to me shows off Zimmermann’s core. The attention to detail, the smart clever cutting of the fabric and delicate  silhouettes are just stunning and are elements I love in fashion designs.

There’s no question and with one glance you just know. That unmistakable vibe that breathes off a design and its designer that’s distinctive of its namesake. There’s no better way to describe how sartorially sassy the way fabric hugs the skin so elegantly like Zimmermann does.

Any girl would feel like they were Miranda Kerr dressed to impress with such beauties (no VS wings needed).


 Showing us the way to cut-out here, I adore Zimmermann’s sensibility to form. Simply love, love, love the mix prints and risqué silk-like fabric that drapes almost sensually on the body, revealing just the right amount of skin to stay flirty and classy with each careful cut-out shape.


Of course, no mention of Zimmermann would be complete without mentioning their swimwear.

No boring one piece here! Have you ever seen anything like these before?!

The designs are so on point with these little numbers, they have done us beach-loving Australian ladies proud to display such praise-worthy wears on the international scene.


 And just when you thought the word “resort” only meant beachwear. Ha! Think again!

Zimmermann shows how bold and contemporary on runway to ready-to-wear versatile the pieces can be. No doubt I am feeling inspired to try this fresh new form of modern mod mode soon. Perfection.


While I feel like a gushing girly-girl showing off such eye candy prettiness, let’s just take a minute to absorb the beauty that is these structured details in their 2015 work shall we.

Just wow! The intricate lace layout and the safari boho casual air leaves me wanting to take on the urban jungle game wearing these as my warrior outfits any time.

Exploring the town and pounding pavement with some killer style. Erm, why not?!


Moving towards 2016, be sure to check out their campaign for more here!

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