Review: Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat

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As life has been reduced to my “poor student, no stable income status” existence again, it is a bummer to keep fighting the urge to spend my savings on something cool or chic based on the perfectly logical reasoning that “I must have it because it is so unnecessary” impulsion.

No job, no income and in shopping heaven. I am on dangerous levels of unemployment poverty right now to enjoy much of what Tokyo has to offer unfortunately. It truly pains me! Well, at least for now anyway.

While smart budgeting in the interest of stretching my cash, I discovered this Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat which perfectly emulates my current state of penny saving heartache but also, does this thing really work?!

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With a promise that your cherry stain will still be there when eating or drinking could one application be the answer to cure all our first world lipstick woes?

Let’s test drive and see!

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The Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat formula came out quite runny at first, a sign that I didn’t shake the bottle enough so application can be a bit messy if you are not careful and only a small amount is needed which is roughly the size of a grain of rice. All you need to do is rub the formula over your lips evenly and when dry, you are ready to go! I’m using the 3CE lipstick in the shade #cometome since it’s bright and will be easily visible on surfaces.

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I was a bit alarmed to see that my lipstick ended up on my fingers when I rubbed the formula on. If first impressions count, I would have thought that the Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat failed even before we started! Moving on however, the first claim on the package is the drink test.

Here we go:

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And holy crap was I impressed!! As you can see, the lipstick really didn’t transfer much onto the cup and the ring of orange was from the inside of my mouth were I didn’t put the formula. The lipstick was still looking fresh after I drank the rest of the water in the cup so I would say that the Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat holds up to its claim after all!

Next up is the food test:

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 Huzzah! A perfect excuse to eat cake since the package also had dessert on it. Itadakimasu~

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And again, the Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat has shown its amazing holding power! There was a faint orange tint around the eaten side but it was minimal compared to eating food without it ordinarily. What can I say, I love it!

If you are coming to Japan and are looking for cool cosmetic products to try, definitely give this a go!


Overall: ✩✩✩✩


Great value for money

Actually does what it says

Can last for 60 applications in a tiny tube

Lasts for 4 hours+


Application is a bit messy if you do not shake the bottle properly

Be careful when dispensing the product

Price: Around 1200 yen

Until Next Time!




  1. Rebecca says

    This really does look like a fabulous lip product! I am always looking for one that looks great and stays a long time. Loved to see a great review and see the results! I will check it out for myself now!


    1. The Hidden Thimble Team says

      Thank you Rebecca!

      Yes I was very impressed with the results myself! Definitely if you can get this product I highly recommend trying it out!



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