Fashion Weekend Sydney 2013

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The final day of Fashion Weekend Sydney wrapped up yesterday, with another successful year of ‘dazzling’ and ‘inspiring’ us Sydney-siders through SHOP’s exciting fashion filled event.  Fashion Weekend Sydney featured over 100 designers showcasing their latest collections at special discount prices, in the Royal Hall of Industries from 16-19th May.  On top of this, the event showcased over 15 Beauty and Lifestyle stalls, as well as the highlight of the evening, the signature Fashion Weekend Sydney catwalk!

Unfortunately, we could only attend Thursday evening, which limited the amount of highlights we could participate in and severely limited our shopping experience!!  One day for us to bargain shop is like saying sorry, no card payments here.

Shut up and take my money! HAHA

So what did a ticket to Fashion Weekend Sydney get you?

With free wine in hand, the first thing on our agenda was to check out the fashion catwalk. This years line up included Bec and Bridge, StyleStalker, Watson X Watson, Ixiah, Nicola Finetti, Talulah, Hussy, Natasha, By Johnny and Christensen Copenhagen, all showcasing their current collections for Autumn/Winter 2012-2013.  So let’s check it out:

Catwalk guide

The stand out of the show for us was definitely the Ixiah collection. Unfortunately our images couldn’t capture all the pieces in their full glory!  Ixiah’s style captures a vintage bygone era appeal which compliments the feminine soft elements of flowing fabrics and lace.  For us, Ixiah’s collection had an appeal that was vastly different from its competition on the catwalk and extremely resonated to our particular fashion taste.

Gorgeous outfit from Ixiah.

This coordi in particular really made us go “wow!” when it first appeared on the catwalk.  It is refreshing and stunningly gorgeous!

The catwalk concluded after a short 30 minutes, but gave great insight into this seasons upcoming trends!

With the fashion show over, we were finally able to shop!!!  In our opinion, the shopping experience was fantastic, there were a mixture of vintage and high fashion stores, all selling one-off pieces at reduced (some even up to 50% off) prices.  It was really nice to see that some pop up stalls really put in effort into their décor.

Such cute charms!

Though we would have loved to do more shopping, we ended up talking to the lovely Melbourne ladies, Natalie from Harv & Milla and Janet from JC Lane.  Their style was so cute and definitely aligned to our tastes!  A pair of vintage style boots for only $59 caught my eye so of course, purchased!!

LOVE my new Shoes from Harv & Milla

Other free highlights included various fashion talks on the latest style and trend advice – how to wear this seasons style and essentials for your wardrobe, – free polaroid booths, competitions, mini makeovers, and $20 manicures with free Sally Hensen goody bags valued at over $40!!!

Our polaroid two shot!

Finally, an event bonus was the presence of food and drinks!  We have been to fashion events – LONG fashion events – that provided no food or drinks, so this was definitely great to see!! Yes even us fashion lovers like to EAT!

Overall, we definitely recommend anyone who loves fashion, shopping, or just interested in having a girls night out, to check out Sydney Fashion Weekend next year!  It is definitely worth in!

JUST IN – Ixiah is having a retail media launch night this Thursday! Fingers crossed we can get some media passes to show you all the beautiful clothes and fun on the night!

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    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hahaha we tried…with the fashion show pics…lol…was difficult to catch a good pic when in the audience!! Yeah?? Siree didn’t get a chance to buy anything either!

  1. Mica says

    Looks like such a fun event :) Would love to visit one year, if only for the shopping, haha! :)

    Away From Blue

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