FML: 100% Waterproof

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Raincoat: Weekday | Top: alice McCall | Beanie: Burton | Pants: Top Shop | Bag pack: MUJI | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Rainy Day Don’t Care.


Rainy day outfits are basically a fabric experiment of combining rubber, zip locking, poncho plastic and polyester-something in an attempt to avoid being a wet mess when arriving from A to B.

But if looks could kill, the majority of rainwear is designed for functionality than style so finding a rain coat that even looks actually good while suffering in the rain is hard to come by.

Though there are women’s raincoats out there now that look great, a while ago they were always styled to stop somewhere around the hip, leaving everything below exposed to mother nature. The rain unfortunately doesn’t stop only at my waist…

Enter the world of men’s rainwear. This was the place to find a cool looking raincoat that was long enough to cover you up but light enough to wear in the heat of a summer monsoon.

It was here that I found Weekday’s Sune Raincoat in that perfect unisex style that would compliment not only men but women as well. As an added bonus, I also found out the MUJI organic cotton bag pack I bought as a school bag is also water resistant! Come at me rain! I am now 100% water repellant!

If I can impart some style words of wisdom, here are my dos and don’ts of rainy day outfits:


  • If you like rain boots, try and find one that will compliment any outfit and is made from a softer rubber rather than looking for the cheapest one. A rain boot that is tight and hard to take off is like ripping your legs off.
  • Rainy weather is actually a great time to bust out and show off your accessories like a nice umbrella, a cute beanie or scarf etc. It not only makes your outfit interesting but it acts as another layer of protection from the rain.
  • Though being wet sucks, getting your favourite outfits ruined by dirt and splash back is even more annoying. Be aware that rain also makes mud and makes every little thing stick to your clothes so don’t wear your most expensive fabrics out. Suede is definitely a no!


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