FML – Floral BDGeans

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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Talyssa and I wish you all the best and thank you for supporting us with all your lovely comments, following and visits! 2012 has certainly gone fast hasn’t it? It definitely has been an accelerated learning curb for us with our blog and we predict 2013 is gonna be the year for more fun and games here at The Hidden Thimble for sure!

And starting off for 1st Jan ’13, we are back for another flower power hit!

Ah, you’re probably going, “Huhhh??” A bit surprised it’s not a New Year’s Eve party edition right? Well, NYE was a bit low key this year for us. We just went out to a friend’s place and partied with eating, gaming and singing then went to watch the fireworks at 12AM. So yeah, fashion-wise we weren’t in the mood lol

This look is a bit more for your casual day out though, with the location setting it seems to really fit into the country theme lol. It must be the hat! I don’t think I really see people wear hats in the city except for guys with caps. Actually I don’t really wear hats! Especially of this size! But I think it looks great when you pair it with a maxi dress for the summer.

Talyssa keeps on commenting how Japanese I looked with my hat and wig. Actually, there is something Gyaru about this look. My mission is complete lol

Blouse: Zara. Jeans: BDG. Hat: ThreadSence. Necklace: House of Harlow. Boots: Overseas (Korea).

Ahh these BDG jeans are love! I got them online at Urban Outfitters and they are just the perfect shade in colour. Oooh secret! I only started wearing jeans again this year after a veryyy long hiatus. Long as in maybe 2 years+(?) Yeah, it’s been a while since I covered my legs (hahz!) It’s such a pain to alter something you already paid for and seeing all that fabric go in the bin is heartbreaking (for my ego…).

Ah Nicole if you are reading this (which I doubt *sad*), you own my soul with your amazing jewelry!  These are from her first season range. Still classics. ;)


OK that’s it!

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  1. jdlawes says

    Cute, Siree! I’m not a big fan on hats in general outside of the Forties retro look, but you make this look terrific.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      haha I’m just not really a hat person, period!
      but something screamed “wear me” when I saw this hat so i guess i should try harder to be more open to wearing headwear lol
      many thanks for the sweet comment :)

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