FML: Floral Transition

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Jacket: No brand from Japan | Cardigan: Hollister | Crop Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Forever 21  |  Shoes: Randa (Japan)


Ahhhh oh my gosh!  I almost can’t contain my excitement for Spring!

I absolutely love this look – it’s super girly and colourful and I get to have a sneak peak of florals announcing “spring is here!”  Yes!! Spring is finally here!!

Unfortunately though, it’s still a little chilli and the transition seasons are always hard to get the balance between keeping warm and keeping cool just right.  Especially since Australian weather at this time varies drastically throughout the day – the mornings are winter freezing and the day heats up to almost summer temperatures.

So what do you do?  You layer!  Layering is probably my favourite thing to do with my outfits because it always ends up looking stylish.  Plus an added bonus – you can always take the layers off as the day heats up!

Talyssa xx


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