FML: Forest Dream

Between the Past and the Present.

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Between the past and the present

Wandering down ancient holy steps, the path is long and silent

I sway gently as if dancing to my own song, and feel the quiet tenderness of the forest

The meeting place – a carved stone

Under its hefty weight, a mystery lies safely hidden here

Unchanged by time’s flow

Maybe we can find the secret together

And stay ageless like this sacred bamboo forest

Dress: Vintage (Japan) | Sandals: Lulus | Rings: Whistles and Overseas (Australia and Korea)

If you have ever travelled to Japan and ventured to the culture capitol of Kyoto, you will had no doubt fallen in love with its old world charm!

From temple hopping to the hustle of downtown shotengai life, the history of each place breathes an air of something bygone of what it might feel like to step back in time to where the geishas ruled the social scene and the heyday of merchants and commerce that is still well-preserved within the formal capitol.

Kyoto’s cultural preservation is what gives the city a sense of mystery to every craftsmanship, spiritual power spot and natural creation. Though this dress is very European folk in embroidery, I couldn’t help feel like the red and white was reminiscent of a shrine maiden’s robes as she wonders around finding the mystical in unexpected places.

Is there a special place you find magical or uplifting?

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  1. Mica says

    What a beautiful dress – and photos to accompany your post! The forest pic in particular is breathtaking!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. fdchief218 says

    Gorgeous, Siree; the dress, the accessories, and the shoot!

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