FML: If I Could be Like the Fireflies

I'll light a way out for you

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It’s not the days that sorrow you

Binding your thoughts in sick twisted torture

The weight of it clouds your once sweet smile

And your silent pain hidden behind the breath of your words

If I could be like the fireflies

I’ll light a way out for you

So in your hours of sorrow

You’ll find hope cradled in its warmth to free you

Jumper: H&M | Shorts: UNIF x Urban Outfitters | Tights: Doll Kiss | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


A while ago, I received a message from someone close telling me they were feeling a bit depressed due to family but was doing ok. Being an emotional person myself, I thought I could lend an ear but they described it as simply being “nothing” and “it’s just what happens.”

I wanted to shake it out of them! But, I know what it’s like to have family issues. I’m good at being able to push through it, but I also know when I need to talk. No matter how “high-functioning” you are, know that there are people who care about you and seek help when times get hard.

I want to share something small that has recently given me a lot of clarity.

A few days ago I stumbled upon chance this short video of a longer article you can find here.

The wording is penned so thoughtfully it finally gave me words I always struggled to find when connecting the feelings of describing my own depression to myself or others. I may not fall neatly in black or white terms “clinically depressed” but I don’t have to be “in a bad mood” to be so. Know that I’m strong willed yet insecure. I may feel hopelessness but I cope.

I know that I have you and I know I’m OK.

And though I can be feeling this way for a day to maybe a few months, I don’t want to give up.

As a PSA, if you or someone you know needs help, The Mighty has some great helpful articles on mental illnesses and find prevention resources near you. Sometimes it can be hard not only for suffers but supporters of suffers as well. Always know that your support means more than you think and always be understanding and patient.

How do you cope when times get hard?

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  1. Andrea says

    I love the look, but what I love even more is that this isn’t just a ootd post. When times get hard, I like to thing about the good things I have in my life: my family, health, food for eating and a roof under which sleep. And usually like that I can see my problem smaller than before.
    Have a great Friday!

    1. Siree says

      Thanks for sharing Andrea!
      It’s definitely helpful to have little reminders like these to make it through a tough day ;)
      Have a great day!


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