FML – Fashion Monthly Look – IU style #2

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Apologies for the late FML, however we have decided to stretch our Korea shenanigans over two months…because there was just way too much Korean goodness to fit into once month only!  So we decided we’d share as much knowledge with you as we could and spread it over 2 months.

Talyssa’s style

My second IU look is much the same as the first with my blouse and skirt being the same. I instead paired it with a burnt orange jumper and added a black neck tie to give it an extra preppy look.
I kept my socks and shoes very plain in this look – almost school-like
Close up detailing of collar, jumper and neck tie. I absolutely love the colour scheme!!
Please ignore the lack of socks…Here you can see the panel-knit detailing of the jumper. I love jumpers with unique knitted patterns! It is something I always look out for when buying a jumper.
Once again hair and makeup is kept simple. When it comes to curls for an IU look I think it’s important to have them looking a little bit more natural/messy rather than perfectly tight curls.

 Siree’s style

Colour faux pas would definitely be green+red. At first, I didn’t know if the combo of mint green and pink would work but I was pleasantly surprised!

Mint green being one of the many colours for this season, this peter pan collar also is a reverse shirt with a button down design at the back. This time around, I broke the flowy nature of the skort and loose bagginess of the shirt with a structured black blazer to neutralize the palette from being overwhelming.

Mint Green Top – Forecast. Blazer – Dotori. Skort – Dazzlin’. Boots – Yesstyle.
IU has either sheer white or opaque white sockings paired with some of her performing outfits. The design on mine are almost like a garter at the top with a faux sock line at the bottom which I thought was unique. Stockings with different stitch patterns are great to play around with for new outfit combos.
Painted my nails with a glitter french tip. I love the colour tangerine since it goes very well with my skin colour.
Hair close-up time! I took a classic old-school vintage hairstyle but made it a bit casual… since I just came from work lol.

Stay tuned for our final look for FML – IU month!

Wanna know where we bought our clothes for this look??
Check out our lookbooks!  We put the store links for all our clothing pieces:



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