FML: Who Will I Be Tomorrow

Reflecting upon the year that was.

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A thought of regret

I looked for so long at the path I made.

Yet when did I stop caring so?

Plans I created in careful haste,

were once so sure but now I watch in regret’s shadow. 

It’s complicated; an unrelenting strain.

So I’ll wait for a change in the wind,

a sign that answers my anxious waiting.

Then maybe I can start again.

Never fearing of what could have been,

and wondering who will I be tomorrow.


Dress: Zara | Sweater: Overseas (Korea) | Bag: SPIRALGIRL | Belt: TaoBao | Shoes: Zara | Bunny Bag Chain: Overseas (Japan)

It’s a new year and although many may reflect on 2017 as a year of great triumphs and achievements, I for one saw it on the other side of positive. I still wonder as I look back at the signs of things going bad. So obvious yet why I didn’t take action I will never understand. Regret is something that eats at your consciousness leaving you paralysed to think you are beyond help. A lesson learned through the bitterness of seeing the door closed before you and doing nothing to stop it.

If I could do one thing right this year, it would be to never take a situation for granted. With this, it is not to make your life more complicated but to live like you will never regret the decisions you made with full conviction and the events you decided to let slip away from you.


What are some bad habits you’re giving up on in 2018?

Until Next Time!



  1. notjessfashion1 says

    That’s a really good sweater you got there dear. Love the style, and it comes with the good old and classic plaid print. Love it!

    Jessica |

  2. It’s great to reflect on both the good and the bad of the past year, and I definitely want to change my eating habits this year! Small steps but I know I can get there :) Happy New Year and hope this year will be a fab one for you <3

  3. Real Girl Talks says

    I too have spent a lot of time reflecting on my 2017 and yes after regretting a lot of things, I forced myself to remember things I am thankful for! :)
    Happy Friday!

  4. Kathrin says

    A wonderful deep post! I love the dress too!

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

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