Greatly Terrific Food Outing: Cuckoo Callay

Newtown, Sydney

18 698

Ultimate Quirky-ness

The Verdict

In the midst of Newtown kitsch a coffee-cafe was born,
Striving for the perfect grub and coffee fix, their combo was second to none.
With the perfect nook to cache, Ella and Ibby released their dreams to you,
and so the tantalising of tastebuds began and the perfect coffee hit did too.

Callooh Callay come eat today, like cabbages and kings!

  • Setting & Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Value For Money

Setting and Atmosphere

The heritage site of Newtown station provides the perfect facade for Cuckoo Callay to nest.  Heavily inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” (also the author of Alice in Wonderland), the quirkiness of this cafe begins with it’s interior.

Like the Queen of Hearts herself, Cuckoo Callay is lush and lavish decorated with royal blue button-backed seating, wooden tables and chairs and hot pink and gold trimmings – for some quirk, of course.  It’s cosy, yet spacious and if you’re looking for a nice hit of sunlight, you’ll find comfortable seating outside.


If the setting is anything to go by, the food at this cafe also brings it’s own quirky flair. Going cuckoo for bacon, this cafe specialises in creative bacon dishes with the goal to encourage Aussies to support local farmers who raise happy, healthy pigs.

And if you’re not a fan of bacon? Never fear, there are many bacon free and vegetarian options too.

Brunching at Cuckoo Callay is exciting, especially if the thought of unheard of flavour combinations gets you all giddy. My absolute favourite dish on the menu is the Sideways Shuffle. It’s different. Blue swimmer crab for breakfast, different. Every unique element of this dish compliments each other despite consisting of quirky flavour combinations. There’s the crab cake with corn and avocado salsa combined with crunchy watermelon and cucumber and lemon jelly. There’s also a slight kick of chilli somewhere in there too. All very different, all very unusual. And yet, it works. Excitingly well actually.

If your tastebuds prefer to play on the safe side, try the “Tribute to the Greatest Reuben.”  This dish combines mouthwatering house made wagyu with gruyere cheese and Russian dressing, spiked with a cheeky kick of chilli. Ah-may-zing!

To wash it all down, you can’t go past the “Exotics” freshly squeezed juices.  Perfect for an early morning, these juices have all the charm of a cocktail without the alcohol.  Looking fantastic, they come in three delicious flavours – The NewZealander, One Night Stand and The Love Affair.

Cuckoo Callay - Exotic Freshly Squeezed Juices
Freshly Squeezed Juices – Exotics: From left to right The Newzealander: kiwi, apple, basil and lime. The Love Affair: strawberry, rose water, apple, mint and chia seeds. One Night Stand: passionfruit, raspberry, orange and chia seeds. | $8ea

Cuckoo Callay - The Sideways Shuffle
The Sideways Shuffle: Blue swimmer crab cake with corn & avocado salsa, watermelon, cucumber & lemon jelly with a 63° poached egg | $24
Cuckoo Callay - Tribute to the Greatest Reuben
Tribute to the Greatest Reuben: House-made wagyu corned beef, Gruyère cheese, Russian dressing and watercress on sourdough | $20


Polite and prompt.  One particular quality I have noticed at this cafe is that the food is served consistently throughout the entire cafe.  I’ve also found food remains consistent on my repeat visits (i.e. dishes are served and taste the same).

Value For Money

The dishes here are definitely on the pricier side in comparison to most brunch places.  In saying this, I love some of the dishes here so much that I have gone back and indulged more than once!



324A King St, Newtown NSW 2042


(02) 9557 7006

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6am – 4pm
Saturday: 8am – 4pm
Sunday: 8am – 3pm

Find Them Here:




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  1. nikkilivinglife says

    OMG. I am drooling over the crab cake,avocado and poached egg. I am sure it tasted divine. Your pics are amazing. Local sustainable food is the best. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. says

    The food looks amazing! Ohh, that crab cake… I want 3 of them. lol I love local and organic food. There was so much of it back in Toronto and LA and it’s not as easy to find in the city I am in now.


  3. Christine Kong says

    I love trying new foods and especially love it when the chef prepares them uniquely mixing flavors and unusual tastes together to create something magical. The freshly squeezed juices look amazing! They are also so Instagrammable! That crab and the ruben look fantastic as well. What a cute spot for brunch! xoxo, Christine

  4. theluxilook says

    Omg, yummm!!! Your food photography is so on point. I wish I could go here for brunch!! Need a juice right now :)

    xx, Amy

  5. Rina says

    The presentation of their food and drinks is so stunning! My mouth is watering looking through all your photos!

    Rina Samantha

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