Greatly Terrific Food Outing: The Tiny Giant

Petersham, Sydney

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Breakfast with a twist

The Verdict

You know what they say, good things come in small packages and The Tiny Giant is no exception. Yet what the cafe lacks in its physical size - there is nothing giant about it - it makes up for with its food. The breakfasts here aren't for the faint hearted, packing a giant punch whether it be with interesting flavours or in sheer size - so ladies and gents, be sure to bring your giant appetite!

  • Setting & Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Value For Money


Considering the size of the cafe, I was wondering how the ‘Giant’ in the cafe’s name fit into the equation and upon arrival, it all became clear.  The line of people waiting outside to get a seat was GIGANTIC and in hindsight, Saturday morning was probably not the best time to visit The Tiny Giant. Luckily, we had made a booking which meant we didn’t have to wait too long for a table.

Inside the cafe was busy, crowded and there was a wee bit of an uncomfortably tight squeeze getting in our chairs to sit at our table. It’s loud, bustling and quite chaotic, so if you’re looking for a peaceful breakfast getaway this is not it – instead try visiting on a weekday.

Apart from being really tiny, the cafe is quite nice with it’s white walls, industrial vibes and rustic finishings.  To complete the look, the cafe is decorated with lush greenery and terracotta pots.



The food at The Tiny Giant is beautifully decorated and visually striking.  It was a gloomy Saturday, and wanting some vibrance and colour we naturally gravitated towards the “Famous Brioche Toast”.  A mammoth sized sweet breakfast, you get a whopping four slices of thick brioche toast, topped with Persian pashamak and a generous scattering of fruit.  Definitely a dish for two.  The flavours were delicious, but the overall sweetness of the dish did get a bit overpowering after a while.

Needing something savoury on the palate, the “Pea Smash Parmesan” caught our eye. A unique breakfast dish, the saltiness of the prosciutto is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the peas and the burrata cheese adds a lovely creamy texture to the dish.  Topped with a parmesan crisp, the dish is finished with some much needed crunchiness – I only wish we had a little more crisps!

Lastly, craving some homestyle cooking, we ordered the “Baked Hot Pot” and added some chorizo for some extra heat.  While this dish was visually beautiful, it was unfortunately a little overcooked and dry – I would have loved to be able to dip that gorgeous piece of sourdough into the pot and soak up the aromatic stewed flavours.

Our Famous Brioche Toast – served with strawberries, mixed berries, canadian maple, salted caramel, mascarpone and Persian pashmak | $17.50
Pea Smash Parmesan – sourdough toast, burrata cheese, aged prosciutto, basil pesto, parmesan crisp and micro mint | $18.90
Baked Hotpot – slow cooked tomato sugo, common mushrooms, onion, danish feta & two free range eggs baked in an iron pan | $16.90 (added chorizo for an additional $4)


Staff are friendly but extremely preoccupied, likely due to the huge demand of crowds.

Value for money

The Tiny Giant is on the pricier end of brunch cafes with majority of the dishes costing upwards of $15. For some dishes, such as the Famous Brioche Toast, the pricing is fair considering the size of the dish, but I felt that the “Baked Hot Pot” wasn’t worth the price tag.

The Details


110 Audley St, Petersham, Sydney


02 8065 4684

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 6.30am – 3pm
Sat – Sun: 7.30am – 3pm

Find Them Here:




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  1. andathousandwords says

    This place looks amazing! I need to try it out <3

    X merel

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Merel! You definitely should give it a try!

  2. Rina says

    Oh my goodness is that cotton candy on top of your pancake? Such a cool looking dish. $15 is pretty steep for brunch though I agree.

    Rina Samantha

    1. Talyssa says

      Hi Rina,

      Yes! You bet it is – they call it “Persian Pashmak” to be fancy here to be a little fancy! haha

  3. Khadija says

    The food looks so delicious and the place looks amazing too! Wish I could go there!
    Khadija x

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Khadija! It was delicious – if you’re ever down in Sydney you should go!

  4. samanthamariko says

    This was such a cool review of this cafe!! I love how spacious it looks and the lighting is lovely! All the food looks amazing, too!

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Samantha!

  5. Face to Curls says

    The food looks so incredible as well as the place. Thanks for sharing this! x

    Ann-Marie |

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