Little Treasures Market Debut

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If you guys have read Le Petite Mademoiselle’s interview featuring us you would not only have come across our fellow WhatIWear fashion bud Margaret’s blog but also the fact that …Siree loves markets.

Margaret’s been a busy lady preparing for the launch of her project Little Treasures Market, a new monthly market showcasing everything vintage, local creatives and emerging Sydney designers. It’s such a great concept to add to Sydney’s vibrant market culture and Talyssa’s been a bit M.I.A because of her new crib (moving into a new place is a lot of hard work!) so I was lucky to have a taste of what’s on offer at the VIP launch night at District 01.

Marked with a cute bunting outside the entrance I was welcomed with the cheery faces of some of the stallholders and the first thing to catch my eye was the cute fashion collars by Collars from Neverland. How fitting! Since our blog’s name is also derived from Peter Pan. Clarisee hand makes all these fashion collars herself and runs an esty store as well.

//SHOP: Collars From Neverland//
Clarisee and her handmade fashion collars!

The launch event was a precursor to Sunday’s market debut with some great stuff from re:new vintage,Laurel & Hector VintageMarikit by Kitty Choy, Dear Pluto VintageSuck Is Free and Age Of Intimacy having stalls ready for the next day.

//SHOP: Pigeon and Weasel//

I also had a friendly chat with the guys behind Pigeon and Weasel. Creative “chandlers” by passion and trade (yeah we had that moment of giddy amusement over that fun fact) I learnt more about their eco friendly triple scented soy wax candles made out of recycled beer bottles that are sanded down and smoothed before filled with wax. The scent (not flavour!) combos are pretty unique with names that pick exactly the sort of scent you were thinking of. Fresh Linen smells exactly like fresh clothes straight out of the dryer, Citrus Sunset if you could imagine Sex on the Beach would smell like if it was breathable, and Red Frogs that smells like… Red Frog lollies! Clay did a great job at designing the packaging and logo for the brand! Just proving that candles aren’t just a “chick thing.” Really. Guys, beer, guns and Red Frogs? Yeah, it sounds like a guy kind of gift he’ll appreciate on his man-tel piece.

Hooray for food! Refreshments were sponsored by Santa Vittoria and Mak Mak Macarons on the night with Margaret ‘s home made cupcakes and (vodka) punch. I’m now convinced she is a very multi-talented lady! She also runs a food blog Baking With Maggie and made the gorgeous flower arrangements for the night.

Congrats to Margaret and Chris for organizing a great night and all the hard work involved in making the markets happen!
Want to know when the Little Treasures Market is on next?
Check them out for more information and updates:
Little Treasures Market
Upcoming Market dates
25th August
29th September
27th October
24th November
22nd December
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    What a great little place; thanks for the tour, gals!

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